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The Meaning of Aleph

א Aleph (English pronunciation: /ˈɑːlɨf/) is the first letter of the Kabbalistic alphabet and symbolises the number 1.  It means the origin, beginning, potentiality and the unity of all creations. Its form – upper stroke connected with a lower stroke through a dividing line – suggests an eternal link between the primeval source with everything that emanates from it. The symbol also contains within itself duality – Spirit and Matter; Heaven and Earth. On the human level, Aleph represents Divine Man.

Aleph Center of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation (ACAST) was launched in February 2012 in Singapore to provide a learning space for All who seek to embrace, express and expand their divinity during this momentous period on Earth where a revolutionary evolution of human consciousness is taking place. Specifically, 2012 brings us the golden opportunity to re-reconnect with the source energy of pure potentiality or the Aleph in us, so we may redefine our purpose and choices in this time of new beginnings.

Besides promoting interaction among light workers, this blog site will also be used for disseminating channeled materials to assist All in moving forward to the era of Oneness, Unity and Peace.

ACAST welcomes you to join us on this enriching journey of Self discovery, transformation and becoming the Divine Man of the New Earth.

With Love, Peace & Gratitude

Amara Tia Ann, Andy

3rd February 2012


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The Galactic Pulse of Light Expansion – A Full Moon Blessing

A magnificent wave of Light, pulsating at an incredibly high vibration, swept through my body as I channeled this 3-line Language of Light manuscript – shown below the Cross-Galactic Geometric Alignment symbol.

There are many octaves of galactic vibrations embedded in the manuscript. Depending on your personal energy frequency and intent, your third eye chakra and heart chakra will interact with and imbibe the appropriate bandwidth of light frequency into your auric field.

If I were to tune-in to the mid-range frequency of this Light Language ‘writing’, the interpretation will be along the lines of :

“Beacons of Light shine upon the dark seas of the night;

Being switched on by the stars lying deep in the Galaxy;

Wait no more to awaken to the Light within”


You may also listen to these Light Language sounds conveying the same message :


Perhaps you would like to meditate with the Light Language manuscript and sounds and the accompanying symbol to awaken your galactic-self? The symbol, channeled during this year’s FLOURISH workshop series, represents the energy portal now available to mankind for accessing the intelligence from multiple galaxies.


Event News

Workshop ‘THE GALACTIC CRESCENDO – Riding The Cross Galactic Octaves of Light on 11.11 will take place in Christchurch, NZ, on 11.11.2017 (Saturday), marking the culmination of the cross-galactic ascension energies anchored on Earth since the beginning of 2017. To read more, go to PROGRAM. Join us and the Galactic Masters at THE GALACTIC CRESCENDO if its intent speaks to your heart.


A Glorious Full Moon to All ! Amara Tia Ann.

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New Moon Energy Gift from Inter-Galactic Federation of Light

At the recent Living Your Star Light workshop in Singapore, a vast and highly evolved consciousness, known as the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light, came through the group to offer a dynamic transmission for activating the chakras on our 5th dimensional body. Refer to diagram below.

I have been asked to share this transmission with all who are desiring a quickened expansion of their light bodies.

Listen to energy transmission (4min): Galactic Transmission for Activating 12 Chakras (4min)

or click:

A Recommendation

If you are fairly new to working with galactic energies and/or do not perform energy re-balancing on yourself regularly, I recommend listening to Goddess Artemis’s healing and grounding transmission as preparatory work.  Access healing track from yesterday’s post “New Moon in Libra: A Time for Re-alignment and Re-balancing”.

Further Connection with Inter-Galactic Federation of Light

Finale workshop for 2017 ‘GALACTIC CRESCENDO‘, happening on the auspicious day 11.11, will be hosted by the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light for bringing through and anchoring the latest ascension programs onto the energy grids of Earth and ourselves. Read more HERE. Registration closes on 9 Nov 2017.  Email Vicky at vicky@vickycavanagh-hodge.com to enquire/register.


New Moon blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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New Moon in Libra: A Time for Re-alignment and Re-balancing

As early as in 2013, my guides revealed that the celestial axis of the Earth will continue to shift in very minute degrees arising from Earth’s ongoing ascension to her 5th dimensional self. Such periodic alterations of Earth’s axial tilt inevitably affects the human physiology, given that our auric body (electro-magnetic field or EMF) interacts closely and in fact, is very much supported by Earth’s own magnetic field.

If you have been experiencing the following symptoms more severely since the August Eclipses and/or the recent Equinox, it could be an indication of a need to re-align your EMF with the celestial poles of Mother Earth (assuming these physiological effects are not caused by dietary or life style changes or related to any existing or new medical conditions):

  • forgetfulness
  • irregular sleep patterns
  • symptoms suggesting lower-than-usual blood pressure such as being light-headed, feeling nauseous, exhaustion
  • breathlessness
  • anxiety, irritability or other display of rising nervous tension
  • symptoms relating to increased blood acidity

The increased receptivity of galactic transmissions by the human nervous system – a natural physiological transition for most people as our light bodies become upgraded and awakened – is the other reason for the compelling need to continuously ground our energy body with Earth. The faster pulsating light and sound codes transmitted by the galaxy and evolved star systems tend to be more electrical in nature (this is the way the human body interprets these energy signals). To ensure our EMF remains balanced and is able to neutralize the increasingly “electrical” environment we are being entrained with, it is therefore essential to connect with Mother Earth regularly through her magnetic core.


A good resource for supporting the realignment and rebalancing of your EMF could be the healing gifted by Goddess Artemis. Go to article Re-aligning Our Energy Field to Earth’s Magnetic Poles for her teachings and to access the healing audio track (13 min).

If the above-listed physical symptoms persist, please do consult your medical practitioner.

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May this new moon serves to connect you deeply and lovingly with Gaia.  Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Be One With Mother Earth On This Equinox

Besides New Moon and Full Moon, the Solstices and Equinoxes are potent opportunities for energizing the Oneness and Harmony frequencies. The guides explained that by having us focus on honoring and celebrating our connection with our one-Moon and one-Earth on these occasions, we naturally reinforce the collective intention for unity to prevail in our physical realities.

The Serpent Rising Meditation was performed on the day of the Full Moon during the recent Scotland sacred tour. Its purpose was to unlock the creative and healing energy in our sacral chakra by tapping on Earth’s Kundalini as an igniting force while at the same time, deepening our bond with Mother Earth Gaia.

I invite you to incorporate this meditation in your Equinox celebrations, if it feels right.

To listen, click: Rising Serpent Meditation (12 min) . Access the track from our blog at http://www.acast.me  if the link doesn’t not appear or work on your device (scroll down on home page till you see this article).

Background music credit: ‘Dead Can Dance – Piece for Solo Flute’.

Further suggestion : visualise yourself in the center of the four directions and the accompanying elements during the meditation : North = Air; South = Earth; East = Fire and West = Water. See photo below.

(Photo: Iona Workshop – Directions Elements Ritual)

Wishing you a joyous Spring/Autumn Equinox ! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Magical Scotland – Recounting Sacred Journey ‘Into No Time’

New Moon Greetings!

The Pleiades promised us a fun and timeless retreat in Scotland. As it turned out, they actually delivered even more! Together with the ancient energies dwelling there, including the Druids, the Green Man and Avalon Priestess Coleentina, the Pleiades not only gifted us introspective teachings about time and space, they also created a magical journey for our group of 24 joyful souls.

For tour itinerary, read HERE. For channeled messages on tour theme,  visit blog On-A-Lighter-Note.

Tour Highlights

I am sure there were many ‘wow’ and ‘ah-ha’ moments experienced by the group as we connected with the various sacred sites and, just as importantly, interacted with each other. I could publish a book just sharing my experiences alone! For now, I thought the following impactful connections might be worth sharing:

1. A Star Baby Among Us

Lily, literally the star in the group, celebrated her 1st birthday with us in Oban (our first stop). She is an incredibly happy star baby, having incarnated without any human karmic imprint. Her parents revealed that Lily knew she wanted to be part of this sacred journey the minute we announced it. Without hesitation, they soon signed up as a family. Lily’s inner knowing became obvious when she contributed her soul wisdom during the workshop ‘Joyous Living In No Time’. Absolutely impressive information came through Lily as the conduit during my telepathic interview with the star babies who are yet to incarnate: how they pick their earth parents, where about on Earth they are the most likely to be incarnated, how they communicate among themselves when on Earth, etc.

2. Iona, sacred island of magic

To me, the Isle of Iona exulted great mystery and magic. According to our local guide Glenn, Iona sits on the oldest land of Earth with a ley-line running through it. We connected with the soul energy of a Druid who taught a technique on changing the weather to our favour (we were hoping for a sunnier sky to make our hike up Dun I hill). We jumped with elation when the Sun appeared within minutes of our ritual and it stayed on for the rest of the day.

The Druid guide also taught the key for success in any kind of magic (such as Pagan Wicca) lies in aligning and arranging the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air in the appropriate order, pattern or direction, according to what is desired to be manifested.

As if to affirm magic is best created with a joyful intention and by tapping on the power of a collective consciousness, the Pleiades and our Druid teacher gifted us a couple of beautiful rainbows, including this extraordinary one captured on the cruise as we departed Iona (photo below).

3. Mount Schiehallion, epic energy center of Scotland

A light being, who introduced himself as the King of the Druids, came through at a site overlooking Mt. Schiehallion. Not only is Mt. Schiehallion the geographical center of Scotland main land, I was told it is also the spot where several-ley lines running through Scotland intersect, making this place an incredibly potent energy vortex.

During the meditation led by the King of Druids (not surprisingly, his vibrational essence felt extremely similar to Merlin and Thoth), he shared that, just as the Pagans practiced magic using elements, esoteric spiritualists achieve the same results through re-sequencing or re-arranging geometric patterns. For a brief practice on the use of triangle as an energy frequency igniter, he instructed the group to gather in the shape of a triangle and guided us to visualise a triangle over our third eye Chakra (1st triangle). We then psychically connected Mt Schiehallion (2nd triangle) with the Great Pyramid of Egypt (3rd triangle). As the power of the 3 triangles (trinity) integrated to become One, it triggered the instantaneous release and transmission of Earth’s Kundalini beneath Mt. Schiellallion to Giza pyramid and onward to a whole network of pyramids on Earth.  What a powerful meditation that was!

Photos as doorways to power sites

Just as “a picture speaks a thousand words”, I believe photos of sacred sites, when taken with loving intention, can transmit waves of healing and creative forces from these power places. Through the above photos and wisdom shared by the Druid guides, may you be supported to create your New Moon intentions magically !



Many would agree that NZ is a place with several power sites. In 2012, I channeled that Castle Hill holds the heart Chakra of NZ, and Lake Ohau is where the third eye Chakra of 5th dimensional Earth is situated (both sites located in South Island, NZ).

Optimising on the auspicious date of 11.11, the finale of workshop series FLOURISH (commissioned by Archangel Metatron and the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light) will be held at Christchurch, not far from Castle Hill. Named THE GALACTIC CRESCENDO Riding the Cross Galactic Octaves of Light on 11.11, this workshop is intended to mark the culmination and final seeding of cross-galactic ascension waves on Earth in 2017. See program details HERE.

Supporting through her sound work in THE GALACTIC CRESCENDO is our dear friend Vicky, who will also be hosting the Celebration of Light & Sound on the following day 12th Nov (Sun), in celebration of Earth’s potential and the wonders of the human vessel. Vicky explains more HERE.

If you feel the pull, join us in Christchurch for a weekend charged with galactic sound & light codes transmitted from beyond Milky Way. Email Vicky at vicky@vickycavanagh-hodge.com. to register for either or both events.


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Scotland, here we come !


1st to 10th September 2017





After several months of earnest planning and keen anticipation, the Scotland Sacred Tour is finally taking place next week. Needless to say, Andy and I are so looking forward to co-creating an extraordinary tour experience with our 22 participants from Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Germany, Australia and Iceland. For itinerary, go to Scotland Tour. For related messages, visit blog On-A-Lighter-Note.


Join Us through the Ether

The theme A Journey Into No Time – will be expounded by The Pleiades during the full moon workshop ‘Joyous Living In No Time’ at the Isle of Iona on 4th – 5th September (workshop outline available HERE, scroll to page 3). If you are a fan of The Pleiades and wish to receive their teachings and energy gifts etherically, you are welcome to connect with the group via the coded symbol below:

  • Symbol significance: our divinity (represented by OM) originates from no-space, no-time (represented by intersection of the arcs)


  • To ‘plug-in’ to workshop Merkabah –
  1. Connect with vibrational essence of symbol using your heart chakra
  2. Allow this vibration to flow towards your third eye chakra
  3. Remain in meditative state until the pulsations in and around the third eye chakra settle down
  • The above access protocol need only be performed once, preferably around 11 am on 4th September, UK time (GMT +1). There is no need to ‘un-plug’ from group Merkabah thereafter.


Wanting a direct immersion with the Pleiades and other Star Guides?

Participating in the Healing Course ‘LIVING YOUR STAR LIGHT (8 October ’17) could be an effective option!

Commissioned by the Pleiades-Sirius-Arcturus Star Councils, this healing workshop has been warmly received across Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia during 2013-2014 debut. To capitalize on the unique growth opportunity that 2017 brings (arising from a cross-galactic portal activation), I have been asked to re-launch the course as an energetically-upgraded edition. Check out course details and logistics HERE.

Class is limited to 15 participants for quality teaching and interaction. Repeat attendees are welcomed. Email info@acast.me for enquiries / to register.


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann. 


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Defining Personal Power On This Roaring New Moon Solar Eclipse

Image result for solar eclipse royalty free

I started tuning in to the much anticipated Total Solar Eclipse a few days back, eagerly waiting to channel meditations, prayers or Light Language transmissions offered by my guides for ‘capturing’ and locking-in the awesome eclipse energy. Undeniably, I have fallen prey to one the most common mental traps of having expectations!

And of course, what I have been expecting did not arrive.

Instead, the guides came through with a brief and timely reminder that with every expectation we make about the future, we risk overlooking the power of the current moment. 

Another pointer from them is for us to optimize this new moon in Leo (zodiac sign signifying leadership, power, self-confidence) and solar eclipse (window for mental reprogramming) to redefine our personal powers, and set new intentions for experiencing them with courage and zest! 

A roaring success to All in fulfilling your new moon goals and wishes!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

Event Announcement – Singapore Event by Judy Satori, 29 August 2017

Judy Satori will be hosting ‘The Gathering’ in Singapore at the end of this month to share messages and energy transmissions from ‘The Heart of the Diamond‘! To read more, check out The Gathering.

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Unleashing the Power of Oneness – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation with Metatron

As I was chatting with a dear friend last night, Archangel Metatron came through with a suggested meditation for harnessing the abundance of today’s full moon lunar eclipse. He named the meditation ‘ Unleashing the Power of Oneness’. You need not be specifically attuned to Metatron’a aura to perform the meditation.

Meditation Steps

  1. Connect with Archangel Metatron through your crown chakra, visualising or sensing his divine presence (shimmering violet-golden light) all around you
  2. Think of someone with whom you’d like to share the Oneness vibration (also known as Christ Consciousness), preferrably someone you feel comfortable exchanging your energy with. Imagine this person standing or seated in front of you. 
  3. Focus on your heart chakra. Through your inner eye, begin to see or sense golden spirals of light flowing horizontally between your heart chakra and your partner’s and forming the number ‘8’ to connect both of you.
    • Esoteric meanings of ‘8’ include eternal flow of abundance, expansion with stability and perfect harmony between spirituality and materiality; its healing effect include activation of the God Code in our cellular memory
    • You and your practising partner, while in such a meditative state, represents the acceptance of duality in the world of form. Only by fully embracing and honouring the dual nature of physicality (such as by exchanging the God Code through the symbol “8” between ourselves), can we unleash the inherent power in us as One with the Divine.  Hence, the title ‘Unleashing the Power of Oneness’  accorded to this meditation.
  4. You may repeat steps #2 and #3 with as many partners as you wish; practising as a pair each time, either in each other’s physical presence or over distance. 
  5. Though the bodily responses may differ, I am told the healing effects can include a sense of lightness and expansion within, dissolution of fears and negativity, stronger connectivity with your Divine Self and restoration of inner peace and self-love.


Full Moon blessings to All ! Amara Tia Ann. 


Event News –

Check out November workshops in NZ HERE – commissioned specially for the 11.11 ‘Emissaries of Light’ weekend. Info also available at ACAST post Introducing ‘The Galactic Crescendo and on Vicky’s website : http://www.vickycavanagh-hodge.com/the-1111-gateway-in-christchurch.html


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PRANA – the catalyst for becoming an expanded consciousness

I often receive this question from our workshop participants: “Can the guides suggest a technique to enable the ascension programs activated in our light bodies to remain effective and well integrated into our body?”

Time and again, the guides responded that practising breath awareness is the key.

They further explained the value of mindful breathing :

(a) Prana, Qi or Chi (breath) is the fuel enlivening the physical body and its anatomy. Lower vibrational memory patterns – be they karmic in nature or created from present life – were first imprinted onto the nervous system through breath. Naturally, we would need to fall back on breath if we were to over-ride and replace these outdated mental programming with the light matrices (intelligence) of higher dimensional frequencies;

(b ) For our external realities to reflect a shift in our consciousness (intended result of the ascension programs), it is necessary to first declutter and create space in our body and nervous system. This can be achieved through regular practices of deep breathing when we fully engage our prana;

(c) As the embodiment of Spirit, the divine consciousness embedded in our cellular memory is our highest potential. Even without the energy stimulus from the higher dimensional worlds, we have the ability to gradually externalise and display our spiritual qualities – love, compassion, joy and more – by becoming aware and appreciative of the prana that connects us with Spirit;

(d) Conscious breathing promotes clarity of mind and calmness of emotions, thus providing a doorway for expressing, with complete awareness, the divine presence in and around us . Once our neurology is re-trained to think, feel and act mindfully, we will naturally gravitate towards expressing our Divine Self in a most uplifting, empowering and life-giving manner.

Besides offering tremendous health benefits to the body, exercises and practices such as silent meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi and yoga are excellent training for experiencing the deep connection between body and breath, symbolising the eternal bond between mind (ego/personality) and Spirit.


Imbibing Inter-Galactic Ascension Energies through Mindful Breathing on this New Moon

Every New Moon brings through opportunities for change and growth …only if we deliberately sow the seeds of these new beginnings we wish to create.

If you are desiring an accelerated expansion of your subtle bodies and accordingly, a quicker awakening of your God consciousness, one way to get started is to immerse yourself in a sea of cross-galactic ascension waves on the coming new moon, 23 July 2017.  Go to post ’25 April, New Moon Transmission through The Chamber of Light Ascension’ for explanations and to access recording of the inter-galactic transmission. Engage your prana deeply during the meditation and notice its effects on your higher senses and inner state of being.

New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


Go to Events 2017 for upcoming ACAST workshops and learning events.


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Introducing ‘The Galactic Crescendo. 11.11.2017. New Zealand’

New Moon greetings !

In Tune with Multiple Galaxies

Since late last year, Archangel Metatron and the Galactic Masters have ‘forewarned’ of torrential multi-galactic vibrations which would be accessible by humanity from 2017. Read more at posts A FLOURISH-ing Time Awaits Humanity 8 Dec 2016 and The Grand Alignment 29 Dec 2016.  This is the impetus for having created, and since presented, the FLOURISH workshop series in several cities in Asia, from March through June. FLOURISH has certainly been a highly transformational and deeply gratifying growth experience for many of the participants, as shared in their testimonials.


For those of us familiar with the work of world renowned spiritual teacher Judy Satori, you may have come across a similar message received and shared by Judy; for instance, in her March’s newsletter: “In January this year a powerful energy began streaming to Earth. This energy, which is of God, is coming from the center of a 22 galaxy diamond shaped grouping of galaxies. Scientists call it the Local Group. All of these galaxies are endowed with consciousness and physical life” (excerpt from Judy’s newsletter, 2 March 2017, titled Special Message and Gift from Sydney Retreat). Read more about Judy’s work at http://www.judysatori.com.


The Galactic Crescendo on 11.11

Numerologically speaking, the planetary vibration for 2017 is a ‘1’, marking the beginning of a new cycle of transformation and growth. This is one reason, among others, for 2017 to be an opportune time for humanity to contact and be supported by the influx of inter-galactic ascension energies made available to us.

The day 11.11 (11th of November) greatly enhances the potency of the vibratory theme of 2017 (‘1’). Besides, it carries the energetic properties of a messenger, visionary, light bearer or spiritual teacher, all of which are, or will be, the new roles for many of us co-creating a 5th-dimensional Earth. For these reasons, I have been asked to facilitate the finale of FLOURISH in New Zealand -Land of the First Light – on this significant day. The guides named this apex-event for 2017 THE GALACTIC CRESCENDO: Riding the Inter-Galactic Octaves of Light on 11.11. Read full program HERE.

As the workshop title suggests, the use of sacred sounds will be essential to perfecting the transmission of the teachings and energy keys from beyond Milky Way Galaxy. To this end, I am thrilled to have one of our NZ friends, Vicky Cavanagh-Hodge – sound healer, author, sacred tour leader – to support the event with her sound work (www.vickycavanagh-hodge.com). 

Workshop logistics and registration details will be announced on ACAST newsletter, possibly in July. You may register your interest in the meantime via email to info@acast.me, subject title: The Galactic Crescendo.


Spiritual Gathering led by Vicky Cavanagh-Hodge on 12.11.2017, NZ

Back to back with The Galactic Crescendo workshop, Vicky will lead a unique gathering in Celebration of Earth’s Potential and Deeper Insight into the Wonders of the Human Vessel. She shared, “This is a call to those who are ready to experience and embody HOME. Our focus is very much on empowering people to feel at home…..both in the Human Body and here on Planet Earth. We actively involve participants, encouraging them to share their own bandwidth of sound as we collectively weave light and merge timelines”. Program available HERE. Contact Vicky at vicky@vickycavanagh-hodge.com for details.


On this new moon in Cancer (symbolizing the family & home), may our hearts be joined as one Family of Light!

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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