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The Meaning of Aleph

א Aleph (English pronunciation: /ˈɑːlɨf/) is the first letter of the Kabbalistic alphabet and symbolises the number 1.  It means the origin, beginning, potentiality and the unity of all creations. Its form – upper stroke connected with a lower stroke through a dividing line – suggests an eternal link between the primeval source with everything that emanates from it. The symbol also contains within itself duality – Spirit and Matter; Heaven and Earth. On the human level, Aleph represents Divine Man.

Aleph Center of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation (ACAST) was launched in February 2012 in Singapore to provide a learning space for All who seek to embrace, express and expand their divinity during this momentous period on Earth where a revolutionary evolution of human consciousness is taking place. Specifically, 2012 brings us the golden opportunity to re-reconnect with the source energy of pure potentiality or the Aleph in us, so we may redefine our purpose and choices in this time of new beginnings.

Besides promoting interaction among light workers, this blog site will also be used for disseminating channeled materials to assist All in moving forward to the era of Oneness, Unity and Peace.

ACAST welcomes you to join us on this enriching journey of Self discovery, transformation and becoming the Divine Man of the New Earth.

With Love, Peace & Gratitude

Amara Tia Ann, Andy

3rd February 2012


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Managing Sleep Issues During Internal Energy Shifts

From the feedback I have gathered, it seems that increasingly, more Lightworkers are experiencing sleep-related problems, including unusual stiffness on neck and shoulders after sleep, difficulty falling asleep, waking up at wee hours of the night and unrestful sleep with lucid dreams.

If these symptoms sound familiar to you but you can’t consciously relate them to any lifestyle or psychological factor, then a probable trigger of these sleep issues would be the activation of the Zeal Point Chakra residing on our 5th dimensional energy body.

About the Zeal Point Chakra

Other Names: Ascension Chakra,  Occipital Medulla Chakra or ‘The Well of Dreams’

Location:   Occipital juncture in the back of the head where the skull and neck are joined; same level as just above our lip

Colour:  Magenta

Vibrational Qualities:  When fully energized, it will regulate multi- dimensional and telepathic communication by awakening higher faculties of the brain, which give access to the higher frequency levels of consciousness and opens up our spiritual abilities. Clairvoyance, out of body travel, advanced dream-recall capabilities, healing gifts and inter-dimensional communication are abilities that can blossom over time with a fully awakened Zeal Point Chakra. Tension in the neck and upper shoulders can sometimes signify an opening of this chakra.

Managing sleep issues during Zeal Point Chakra activation

The guides’ explanation  – given the location of Zeal Point is close to the brain, if there is insufficient integration of the higher frequency pulled through by this 5D chakra with the rest of the chakra body, the hypothalamus in brain center (which controls the endocrine system) can become over-stimulated so as to cause sleep disturbances and possibly other forms of hormonal imbalances.

They suggested the following measures to enhance the connectivity of our different bodies:

  1. Exercise regularly to improve blood and Qi circulation (Qi or prana improves the body’s receptivity of higher energy frequencies)
  2. Maintain flexibility and strength of the spine through yoga, Pilates, dance etc activities; to include neck and shoulder exercises to reduce tightness and tension in those areas
  3. Perform the following breathwork for effective grounding of Zeal Point 5D vibration onto the 3D chakras:

a) Inhale deeply into Zeal Point Chakra and hold your in-breath to the count of 5

b) Exhale slowly along the spine until your out-breath reaches and leaves through the Root Chakra (coccyx/tailbone)

c) Repeat the above breathing cycle a few more rounds until you have a sense of the 5D vibratory rhythm of the Zeal Point is in harmony with the 3D chakras along spinal cod i.e. Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat chakras

Precautionary note: consult your physician as to the suitability of the above suggested remedies if you have any critical health issue and/or prolonged sleep problem. 


Arcturus Guides and Egyptian Deity Horus to Offer Tips on Managing Physiological Changes during Energy Shifts 

Check out new healing course Alchemy Of Horus available from March through May.

  • Course Intent & Contents : HERE
  • Country-Specific Schedules & Registration Info : HERE  ( Singapore session fully booked)


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Align Your Relationships With The I AM Presence On This New Moon Solar Eclipse

Transforming Relationships to Soul-ful Connections

I believe other than our health, the relationships we most care about would also be a reliable measure of our cultivation towards becoming our God-Self.

All intimate relationships serve as mirrors of our soul’s loving attributes, or our ego-based fears, or sometimes, both. Depending on how we choose to interpret them, we can either thrive or feel defeated in these heart-thug connections. By the way, all our interpretations are valid and true for us as the observer, as they are generated from our current level of spiritual awareness and based on the specific aspect(s) of the relationships we focus on.

Quite often, we perceive and interact with our loved ones as the projections of our ego (incarnated personality). Accordingly, we tend to assess and conclude on these relationships from the ego’s dualistic perspective. On the contrary, if we were to understand and feel the vibrational flow between us and them – including our spouse, partner, children, parents, siblings, best friend, mentor etc – as extensions of our soul and expressions of our transcendental soul qualities, chances are we will begin to embrace and appreciate their company much more. Conflicts and misunderstandings, often manifested as reflections of the residual karma imprinted in our soul memory, can be resolved with less effort too.


Moon Cycles and Solar Eclipses

As we know, every new moon is a valuable opportunity for renewing or setting new intentions to experience greater expansion, growth and fulfillment in the coming lunar month. A Solar Eclipse New Moon would be one of the best times to reprogram lower-vibratory mental programs to give rise to a more evolved mindset about ourselves and our external realities.  As shared by my guides, metaphysically, the Sun relates to the mind, whereas the Moon, our emotions. When we observe, or are aware, that the Sun is being partially or fully blocked, as in the case of a Solar Eclipse, our subconscious mind registers a void in itself (i.e. space of non-light), thus permitting new mental patterns to be programmed during this time.


If it appeals to you, you may practise the following meditation at the coming New Moon Solar Eclipse to elevate the vibratory quality of your important relationships. The intended shift occurs by streaming through the I AM Presence of your Monadic (God) Self and anchoring it on your third eye chakra to effect an uplifted ‘perception’ (mental programming) of those relationships most symbolic of your soul attributes.

(No specific time on 15th Feb is prescribed for performing the meditation. For info, exact new moon at GMT 21:05, 15 Feb)

Meditation Steps

  1. Have awareness of your Soul Star chakra (located about an arm’s length above your crown) as a brilliant star and create a cylinder of pure white light out of it, encasing you completely.
  2. Place your attention on a chakra located above the Soul Star (distance between the two chakras to be intuitively determined) and recognise it as the Stellar Gateway, calibrated with your Monadic Presence or I AM consciousness. Visualise the chakra expand into a cylinder of radiant violet light, containing you and your soul. Refer to diagram below.

3. Allow yourself to be merged with your soul (white radiance) and monad (violet light).

4. Focusing on your third eye chakra, begin to project the I AM Presence that is activated in your cells out to the people you’re most intimately associated with. Refer to diagram.

5. Emerge from meditation once you sense these vibrational projections have stabilised.


More Insights On Enhancing Our Relationships Vibrationally

Mastering our emotions is also key to creating and sustaining vibrationally powerful relationships. In fact, emotions self-mastery is essential for our soul ascension and actualising our multi-dimensional nature, so advised our guides from Sirius. To hear more of their ‘stellar’ insights, Andy and I would welcome you to join our next retreat in Byron Bay (Australia) 9 to 14 August, featuring a 2-day workshop on ‘Mastery of the Human Emotions‘. Read more at  “Retreat: An Ocean of Blessings“. 

Email Andy at andy@acast.me to enquire or register. Only 3 places left.


Wishing All a most invigorating New Moon and a soul-ful Valentine’s ! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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Grounding Your Intentions On This First New Moon of 2018

A sparkling New Moon to everyone !

If you have been noticing your electrical devices (and their cabling and circuitry) breaking down more often than usual, ruling out the possibility of their higher usage or  inferior quality, such ‘mystical’ occurrences could be a sign that your aura (also known as electro-magnetic field) is becoming more electrical, rather than remaining in balance in both its electrical and magnetic charge. Such a symptom is becoming more common as our light body awakens along with the stepped-up frequency of Earth’s.

The magnetism existing in our aura is closely supported by Earth’s magnetic field and is essential for ensuring the physical body remains perfectly functional during the current time of rapid vibratory changes, around and within us.

In order to restore the body’s weakening connection with the Earth’s magnetic field (especially applicable to for those whose energy frequencies are heightening but do not engage in physical exercises or deep breathwork regularly), it has become crucial that we ground the higher frequencies of our light body into the Earth properly through a 5th dimensional chakra called the Earth Star Chakra (see diagram below).

Energising our the Earth Star Chakra frequently offers the additional benefit of  improving the effectiveness of our manifestation ability. Thus, the guides are recommending that we anchor our New Moon intentions into the core of Mother Earth through the Earth Star Chakra from now on, as opposed to the ‘conventional’ way of releasing intentions to the Universe through the Third Eye Chakra. Their rationale – to readily magnetize a new reality into the world of physicality, focused thoughts alone are no longer sufficient; we could harness the magnetism of Earth to yield faster and more accurate manifestation results.

silver induction plate


  • At the new course Alchemy of Horus launching in March 2018 (Singapore inaugural session), the Arcturus Star Council and Egyptian deity Horus will be sharing more tips and insights on how we can better support the physical body in becoming a higher-vibrational vessel of light. Details available at PROGRAM and country-specific course schedules found at Course Dates and Registration



New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Solstice Gifts From The Archangels

At the Solstice Meditation ‘Angels of New Atlantis’, the Archangels blessed the group with the following energy gifts :

  1. Archangel Michael – braiding with soul qualities and attributes
  2. Archangel Metatron – transmission of New Atlantis program (5th and 6th dimensional encodement)
  3. All other Archangels in presence – blessings of love, abundance and joy

# refer to the diagram below for ‘Unal Island of Atlantis’ referred to during Metatron’s transmission

Listen to Solstice vibrational gifts (18 min) :  Archangels Solstice Gifts

Our deep appreciation to all participants who participated in the Solstice gathering and had jointly set the intention for Joy, Love and Abundance to be unfolded for ALL in the year ahead.

Wishing everyone a most uplifting and inspirational 2018!


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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On This Final New Moon of 2017…

May we connect as One Cosmic Light 

to seed the intention for a

joyous evolutionary journey for One and All

in the year ahead


Thank you for being our companion and comrade on this path of soul remembrance and becoming.

With Love and Gratitude

Amara Tia Ann, Andy

Quick Updates:

  • Watch out for our mailer on Supermoon 1st-2nd January, introducing the 2018 workshops and events designed to harness the vibratory qualities and powers of the year.
  • December slots for private consultations with Amara Tia Ann are fully booked. January sessions are still available. Read 15 Dec 2017 Announcement for background or go to Consultations for booking information.


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Private Consultations Now Available !

Many of our friends have written to request for support by way of channeled readings and/or energy healing during recent period. Generally speaking, the transition from one calendar year to the next can bring about ‘unexpected’ challenges manifested in different forms and ways. Quite often, such transitory changes are intended to prepare and recalibrate the body – our physical as well as light vessels – for adaptation to the new planetary vibratory patterns.

If you are needing support in aligning yourself spiritually and energetically to the greater you that’s waiting to be unfolded, I’ll be available for reading and energy sessions over Skype during the rest of December through January 2018. For the exact period of my availability and other booking details, please check out CONSULTATIONS.


Amara Tia Ann.


Also check out 2018 Events for new courses and workshops specially designed for the Year of the Stars !



Towards Galactic Thinking : A Post-Workshop Sharing

On top of their invigorating energy transmissions, I have found the teachings offered by the Galactic Masters at the 11.11 Galactic Crescendo Workshop to be profound, wide-ranging and with a clear intention of stimulating new perspectives and re-directing our mental focus from ‘seeking out the absolute truths’ to ‘exploring and experimenting with multiple possibilities’.

Subtly and skillfully, they illustrated to the group the importance of examining and becoming aware of the effects of the assumptions underlying our hopes and wishes.  For example, when posed with the question “assuming 5th Dimensional Earth is already here, what would you like to experience?”, the group spontaneously listed positive and uplifting qualities such as peace, harmony, love etc. As it turned out, the real value of the question did not lie in the responses. Its intention was to get us to reflect on the implications of accepting the validity of the question itself. By simply focusing on answering the question, we could, in fact, be reinforcing a belief that 5th Dimensional Earth is not already here. On the other hand, if we had first challenged the validity or relevance of the question, that would help to re-train the mind to focus on exploring, attracting and experiencing new possibilities as the way of expressing the quantum nature of the Universe and ourselves.

The Galactic Masters also highlighted that whilst the ability to manifest pleasant experiences effortlessly is commonly taken as a key measure of a person’s spiritual evolution, it is the attitudes we display in the face of chaos, disorder and fear that truly indicate our spiritual maturity. As energy beings mirroring the pattern of cosmic evolution, it is only natural for humans to experience both expansionary (creative, inspiring or ‘positive’) and contractionary (destructive, fearful or ‘negative’) cycles. If we were to approach the crises we inevitably encounter with an attitude of neutrality and acceptance, not only can we quicken the transcendence of the underlying fear brought about by a contractionary impulse, we will also catalyse the awakening of our higher-order or Galactic thinking which helps to navigate the brain towards ‘seeing’ higher-vibrational and more exciting solutions.

Our deepest gratitude to the Galactic Federation of Light for sharing such thought-provoking and mind-expanding wisdom!


Closing the Year with a Solstice Gathering : Angels of New Atlantis

Wishing to close the year on a spiritually-uplifting note? Attending our annual Solstice Meditation on 21st December (Singapore) could be an attractive option.

Join Cosmic Master Thoth and the Archangels in exploring the divine blueprint of New Atlantis on Earth and participate in its materialization, if this possible reality is aligned with your heart’s desire. Program available at Angels of New Atlantis.  Email anntay@acast.me to register.


Full Moon Blessings. Amara Tia Ann.

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The Galactic Pulse of Light Expansion – A Full Moon Blessing

A magnificent wave of Light, pulsating at an incredibly high vibration, swept through my body as I channeled this 3-line Language of Light manuscript – shown below the Cross-Galactic Geometric Alignment symbol.

There are many octaves of galactic vibrations embedded in the manuscript. Depending on your personal energy frequency and intent, your third eye chakra and heart chakra will interact with and imbibe the appropriate bandwidth of light frequency into your auric field.

If I were to tune-in to the mid-range frequency of this Light Language ‘writing’, the interpretation will be along the lines of :

“Beacons of Light shine upon the dark seas of the night;

Being switched on by the stars lying deep in the Galaxy;

Wait no more to awaken to the Light within”


You may also listen to these Light Language sounds conveying the same message :


Perhaps you would like to meditate with the Light Language manuscript and sounds and the accompanying symbol to awaken your galactic-self? The symbol, channeled during this year’s FLOURISH workshop series, represents the energy portal now available to mankind for accessing the intelligence from multiple galaxies.


Event News

Workshop ‘THE GALACTIC CRESCENDO – Riding The Cross Galactic Octaves of Light on 11.11 will take place in Christchurch, NZ, on 11.11.2017 (Saturday), marking the culmination of the cross-galactic ascension energies anchored on Earth since the beginning of 2017. To read more, go to PROGRAM. Join us and the Galactic Masters at THE GALACTIC CRESCENDO if its intent speaks to your heart.


A Glorious Full Moon to All ! Amara Tia Ann.

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New Moon Energy Gift from Inter-Galactic Federation of Light

At the recent Living Your Star Light workshop in Singapore, a vast and highly evolved consciousness, known as the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light, came through the group to offer a dynamic transmission for activating the chakras on our 5th dimensional body. Refer to diagram below.

I have been asked to share this transmission with all who are desiring a quickened expansion of their light bodies.

Listen to energy transmission (4min): Galactic Transmission for Activating 12 Chakras (4min)

or click:

A Recommendation

If you are fairly new to working with galactic energies and/or do not perform energy re-balancing on yourself regularly, I recommend listening to Goddess Artemis’s healing and grounding transmission as preparatory work.  Access healing track from yesterday’s post “New Moon in Libra: A Time for Re-alignment and Re-balancing”.

Further Connection with Inter-Galactic Federation of Light

Finale workshop for 2017 ‘GALACTIC CRESCENDO‘, happening on the auspicious day 11.11, will be hosted by the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light for bringing through and anchoring the latest ascension programs onto the energy grids of Earth and ourselves. Read more HERE. Registration closes on 9 Nov 2017.  Email Vicky at vicky@vickycavanagh-hodge.com to enquire/register.


New Moon blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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New Moon in Libra: A Time for Re-alignment and Re-balancing

As early as in 2013, my guides revealed that the celestial axis of the Earth will continue to shift in very minute degrees arising from Earth’s ongoing ascension to her 5th dimensional self. Such periodic alterations of Earth’s axial tilt inevitably affects the human physiology, given that our auric body (electro-magnetic field or EMF) interacts closely and in fact, is very much supported by Earth’s own magnetic field.

If you have been experiencing the following symptoms more severely since the August Eclipses and/or the recent Equinox, it could be an indication of a need to re-align your EMF with the celestial poles of Mother Earth (assuming these physiological effects are not caused by dietary or life style changes or related to any existing or new medical conditions):

  • forgetfulness
  • irregular sleep patterns
  • symptoms suggesting lower-than-usual blood pressure such as being light-headed, feeling nauseous, exhaustion
  • breathlessness
  • anxiety, irritability or other display of rising nervous tension
  • symptoms relating to increased blood acidity

The increased receptivity of galactic transmissions by the human nervous system – a natural physiological transition for most people as our light bodies become upgraded and awakened – is the other reason for the compelling need to continuously ground our energy body with Earth. The faster pulsating light and sound codes transmitted by the galaxy and evolved star systems tend to be more electrical in nature (this is the way the human body interprets these energy signals). To ensure our EMF remains balanced and is able to neutralize the increasingly “electrical” environment we are being entrained with, it is therefore essential to connect with Mother Earth regularly through her magnetic core.


A good resource for supporting the realignment and rebalancing of your EMF could be the healing gifted by Goddess Artemis. Go to article Re-aligning Our Energy Field to Earth’s Magnetic Poles for her teachings and to access the healing audio track (13 min).

If the above-listed physical symptoms persist, please do consult your medical practitioner.

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May this new moon serves to connect you deeply and lovingly with Gaia.  Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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