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The Meaning of Aleph

א Aleph (English pronunciation: /ˈɑːlɨf/) is the first letter of the Kabbalistic alphabet and symbolises the number 1.  It means the origin, beginning, potentiality and the unity of all creations. Its form – upper stroke connected with a lower stroke through a dividing line – suggests an eternal link between the primeval source with everything that emanates from it. The symbol also contains within itself duality – Spirit and Matter; Heaven and Earth. On the human level, Aleph represents Divine Man.

Aleph Center of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation (ACAST) was launched in February 2012 in Singapore to provide a learning space for All who seek to embrace, express and expand their divinity during this momentous period on Earth where a revolutionary evolution of human consciousness is taking place. Specifically, 2012 brings us the golden opportunity to re-reconnect with the source energy of pure potentiality or the Aleph in us, so we may redefine our purpose and choices in this time of new beginnings.

Besides promoting interaction among light workers, this blog site will also be used for disseminating channeled materials to assist All in moving forward to the era of Oneness, Unity and Peace.

ACAST welcomes you to join us on this enriching journey of Self discovery, transformation and becoming the Divine Man of the New Earth.

With Love, Peace & Gratitude

Amara Tia Ann, Andy

3rd February 2012


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De-stress by Keeping Our Auras Clear and Strong – New Moon Meditation Gift from Sirius Star Council

If you find yourself having more fear-based thoughts during this period – worries, doubts, desperation, anger, resentment, depression, and so on – over the pandemic situation or are surrounded with others’ highly-charged emotions which are impacting you negatively, our guides highly recommend putting in place a regular meditation routine to avoid the accumulation of energy toxins in the body and to deflect the external negativity.

Towards this end, the light beings from Sirius recently transmitted the following auric-health breathing meditation for maintaining a clear and robust aura for purifying the mind and body. You may incorporate it into your daily spiritual practices if it resonates.

Auric-Health Breathing Meditation 

Priming Stage

  1. In a meditative state, visualize yourself sitting on a blue lotus to initiate an energetic connection with Sirius blue star and the spirit guide whom we know as Goddess Isis
  2. Have awareness of the seven chakras in your auric field i.e. Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakra (refer to Diagram A below)

Release negativity, in ascending order of chakra alignment – refer to Diagram B for steps 3 to 5

  1. Starting from the Root chakra, move your breath in an anti-clockwise direction to connect with the Sacral chakra and return the breath to the starting point at the Root chakra
  2. Repeat step 3 but this time, by connecting the Root to next higher chakra along the spine. Each time returning the breath to the Root chakra as the grounding energy centre.
  3. This upward and anti-clockwise motion of breath, chakra by chakra, is completed with the Crown chakra being cleansed

Building and Strengthening, in descending order of chakra alignment – refer to Diagram C for steps 6 and 7

  1. Starting from the Root chakra again, this time round, move the breath all the way up and in a clockwise manner until it reaches the Crown chakra and then allow the breath to descend back to the Root
  2. Perform step 6 for the other chakras aligned along the spine i.e. Third Eye, Throat, etc., until you are done with charging up the Sacral chakra


8. Give thanks to the guides for their empowerment

9. You may perform the meditation as regularly and for as long a time period as your body desires


Other self-healing techniques to boost health and vitality



  1. Ready for your galactic light body to be awakened and begin your journey towards self-healing and empowerment? You are invited on board Sirius Star Rising© Healing Course Singapore, 4 & 5 April. Email anntay@acast.me for info and registration.

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2. Private consultations with Amara Tia Ann – April booking schedule now available.


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Breathing through the Sacred Elements for Vitality and Effective Grounding: Full Moon Sharing

During a recent consultation, a client lamented the frequent epsiodes of extreme exhaustion she has been experiencing lately, though there has not been any significant changes to her routine, lifestyle or physical condition. Interestingly enough, she has also observed herself becoming more intuitive and able to ‘watch’ and uplift her thoughts more expediently.

Her spirit guides attributed the (temporary) lethargic condition to mainly: (1.) Insufficient grounding of the higher-dimensional frequencies streaming through her subtle and physical bodies; (2) Less-than-optimal breathing capacity of the lungs. The following meditation was then channeled as a healing practice for my client.

You may adopt the practice if so guided.


(refer to diagram above)

  1. Sit in a meditative position, become aware of the rhythmic heartbeat in your body and the pulsating energy field all around you.
  2. Use your mind, or your hand if preferred, to imprint the element of FIRE on the right side of the body and along the same level as your upper chest. (intention: to engage and energize the lungs and thorax region with your awareness)
  3. Followed by imprinting the AIR element above the head, WATER to the left of the body and lastly, the EARTH element down below.
  4. Visualize these four sacred elements connected as a wheel of life to encase your body completely.
  5. Activate the wheel using your breaths:
    • Inhale slowly and deeply, and move your breath along the imaginary upper arc to awaken the FIRE, AIR and WATER elements
    • As you exhale gently along the lower arc, allow all toxins and negativity to be released and grounded into Mother Earth through the Earth element; also enabling your galactic and soul light to be weaved into the realm of physicality more effectively
    • Repeat the breathing cycle as many times as intuitively guided

Upcoming Events

Sirius Star Rising© Healing Course | April & June | Singapore. Manila. Penang. Hong Kong

UNDAL, Building New Atlantis – Retreat hosted by the Andromeda Star Council | 7 to 11 Oct| Bali. few seats remaining

Heralding the New Light – Egypt Sacred Tour | 13 to 23 Nov

Consultations in March are fully booked. Email info@acast.me to enquire next availability.

Full Moon Blessings. Amara Tia Ann.

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Thymus Chakra – Gateway to Greater Health and Love

New Moon greetings!


As the Earth and ourselves continue to be entrained with the 5th dimensional (5D) light and sound frequencies transmitted through the galactic core (Sirius Great Central Sun), the rapid energy shifts occurring within the human body will inevitably be manifested as accelerated changes to our personal physical realities and increasingly so, our collective experiences too. Essentially, expanding into the 5D frequency is about harmonization and convergence of the Many into One while retaining the creative freewill of the Many.

If we were to actively participate in our awakening process by working alongside the Galactic Masters, by virtue of the integrative quality of the 5D consciousness we then become, we naturally catalyze the transformation of others.

When we heal One, we heal All

The thymus chakra of the human 5D light body (which directly influences the functionality of the thymus gland) is encoded with the properties to fulfill the above maxim:

  • Physical implication: When activated and sustained by the 5D faster pulsating light, the thymus chakra directly supports the health of the thymus gland (Heal One) and accordingly, boosts the immunity of the overall body so as to reduce the risks of physical illnesses and dis-eases setting on (Heal All)
  • Spiritual effect: with the activation of one’s thymus chakra (Heal One), the expression and mastery of Self Love in the physical reality (i.e. the divine quality of the heart chakra) is then elevated to that of universal love and compassion to be co-experienced and amplified in the collective world (Heal All)
Universal Heart Chakra

Affirmation for strengthening immunity and expanding into greater love: 

“As I breath in the consciousness of Universal Love, health and balance is restored in my body. As I breath out my intention to offer Compassion, peace and harmony is restored in the world.”  

Learn how to activate and maintain the vibratory vibrancy of the thymus and other 5D chakras for greater health and sustainable ascension at the Sirius Star Rising© Healing Course. Read more below…. 


Sirius Star Rising© Healing Course, April & June 

Course content includes composition of the 5D light body, such as the thymus and other higher chakras, axiational lines, Mer-Ka-Bah and their impact on our physiology. ‘Real-time’ transmissions and attunements from the Sirius High Council, channeled through the Egyptian deities Isis and Hathor, are expected to greatly enhance the learning, healing experiences and the results of the light body activation for the participants. No prior knowledge in energy healing is required.

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Upcoming Retreats

  1. “UNDAL – Building New Atlantis“, Retreat with Andromeda Star Council,   Bali, 7 to 11 October

Atlantis is Rising, and Rise, It Shall!  

This retreat is about rapidly awakening the mind, so it may out-picture the shared memories of Golden Atlantis as today’s common reality.

Atlantis will soon rise from the deep sea of our memories, for we – the pioneers of New Atlantis and guardians of New Earth – have heard its call.

Once again, the lightkeepers of Atlantis shall gather at Undal to witness its first Light. It’s time…it’s time.     


Read Bali Retreat program

About registration logistics 

Email info@acast.me for enquiries


2.   “HERALDING THE NEW LIGHT”, Egypt Sacred Tour, hosted by Galactic      Council of Light and Participating Star Nations, 13 to 23 November

    • Receive: gifts of new creation codes from our galactic star family through the time-honored lineages of the ancient Egypt mystery schools
    • Re-chart: your personal path towards becoming the Master of Love through service and devotion
    • Represent: humanity as the vessel for anchoring the Andromeda ascension energies for the first time on planet Earth through the Pyramid portals

         …and more

A 10-day pilgrimage culminating to Grand Initiation in Great Pyramid by Lords of the Seven Rays on 22.11


Read Egypt Tour Itinerary

Read Offer, Terms and Conditions

Email info@acast.me for enquries


Private Consultations Available In March

Schedule and booking logistics HERE.


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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Consultations Now Available!

Warmest greetings!

Quick announcement: Private consultations with Amara Tia Ann will be available in the coming few weeks.

All sessions to be conducted over Skype, or alternatively, Zoom. 


May you be Well and Happy. May All be Well and Happy.

Many Blessings. Amara Tia Ann. 


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Wishing upon the Sirius Blue Star…on this new moon

At the SoulTalk channeling course last year, a participant asked cosmic master Thoth for an indicative timeline for the possible re-emergence of Atlantis,  which would mean a collective 5th dimensional reality being re-created on Earth. I remember Thoth’s response quite vividly: “Whilst that eventuality cannot be marked by a linear timeline, it can occur when humanity remembers and reverts to the ancient practice of marking time and creating group experiences based on the cyclical rising and disappearance of the Sirius blue star from the Earth’s sky“.

Fast forward to this morning. When I was intuiting a theme to go with this first new moon message for 2020 and to kick off the new decade, my guides directed me to this article on the internet, Jersey Skies: The brightest star in the night sky makes an appearance this week” (by Kevin D. Conod, 20 January 2020). Could this ‘coincidence’ be an assurance from our Sirius guides of their unwavering support for our shared vision to manifest the New Atlantis expediently, and within this decade?

The author of the article also pointed out the connection between Sirius, ancient Egypt and Goddess Isis, which resonated deeply, too…”It was an important star to the Egyptians because in ancient times it rose around the time that the Nile River flooded, making it a critical part of their calendar. They named it after the goddess Sopdet (Isis)”.


For more perspectives on Goddess Isis and the significance of the Sirius star system to the star seeds incarnated on Earth, listen to the transmission received during our 2019 Egypt Sacred Tour: Significance of Sirius System (3min).  

(If the audio link does not appear on your email, go to original post or Pearls of Wisdom Archives.)

Ready to imbibe more of the Sirius blue light and be endowed with galactic wisdom? You’re welcome to come on board a suite of star-clad events, hosted by the Galactic Council and participating star nations! Read below for more.


May this brightest star of our night sky shine upon your new moon wishes.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


Registrations now open for


Time Is On Your Side – A Full Moon Sharing

Many of us may be thinking about and penning down our new year’s resolutions at this time. Coincidentally, cosmic master Thoth expounded on the idea of time at the recent Solstice Meditation: Timeless Being. His insights and energy gifts may come in handy now for further energizing your goals for 2020 and aligning them to your soul’s wisdom.


Having a physical existence necessarily implies being in time and experiencing both the benefits and woes of it, such as the healing and growth brought about through the reflective value of time (pro) and its degenerative effect on the body (con). 

According to Thoth, the vibrational dissipative effect of time on the human mind and body can be minimized or even transcended through:

(a) Shift in mindset – perceiving ourselves as a Timeless Be-ing; and

(b) Energy alignment – including, integrating the Self of different timelines and accessing the zero-point field of Earth 

(a) Shift in Mindset 

If ‘Be‘ can be equated to our God aspect i.e. the all-knowing and infinite mind that pre-exists creation, we can then regard the soul as the ‘Be-ing‘ i.e. God essence flow-ing into creation. Accordingly, what is eventually created ‘Be-comes‘ an expression and embodiment of the soul. An earth incarnate is an example of such an expression or vessel.

Being (locked) in time is an inevitable human experience for the purpose of healing, resolving karma and evolving the soul. Nevertheless, if we were to consciously energize the knowing that we are Timeless Be-ings descended on Earth to explore the world of physicality, rather than seeing ourselves merely as slaves of time, the re-programming of the body towards ageless living can then yield effective and sustainable results. 

(b) Energy Alignment through Time-Integration of Self and Zero-Point Field

Go to post Time is of the Soul Essence – Solstice Insights from Thoth to access the recording of Solstice healing gifted by Thoth. 


On this first full moon of 2020, may I wish for your new year resolutions and intentions to materialize in good time. 

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


About 2020 Workshops and Retreats.


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Time is of the Soul Essence – Solstice Insights from Thoth

What lies between physical birth and death?

With reference to the Solstice Meditation – Timeless Being led by cosmic master Thoth yesterday, it would be TIME.

Be-ing in a physical reality implies being locked in time.

In this sense, experiencing time is a ‘necessary evil’ for every human incarnate. The vibrational dissipative effects it inflicts on the human body is inevitable and even unwelcomed, yet time is indispensable for coding patterns of our thoughts and memories in order that we could transcend and evolve them. Through the passage of time, one’s soul essence can also be awakened and channeled towards creating a purposeful or even karmic-free earth existence.

With such a love-hate relationship we have with time, what then are the options available to optimize our time here (pun intended) as an incarnate? Thoth’s insights:

  1. Embrace death in every of its occurrences, from as routine as the regular death and regeneration of our body cells to the more emotional experiences of the passing of our loved ones. To resist or fear a reality is to deepen the imprint of that thought in our memory and thus, quickening the degenerative effect of time on the body as well as clouding out our soul essence
  2. Integrate the Self of different timelines through our akashic records of the Halls of Amenti i.e. transmute lower order memories created in the past, or for the future plans, which are no longer in vibrational alignment with your soul essence of the present
  3. Regenerate the physical body via the Zero-point field of Earth

Thoth also led the group through the healing highlighted in #2 and #3 above.

Listen to “Soul and Body Healing for Timeless Being”(19min)

If the audio link does not appear on your email, go to blog post or Pearls of Wisdom Archives

Symbol used during healing meditation



organised in support of your onward and upward journey

as soul-ful being


Wishing All a joyous year ahead! Solstice blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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Joy is the Key and the New Way – Egypt Sacred Tour Reflections

The experiences from our recently-concluded ‘Quest to Eternity’ Egypt Sacred Tour are profoundly beautiful on so many levels that I am finding it difficult to language them meaningfully. If I must offer some kind of synopsis, it would probably be along the lines of I had a good taste of 5th dimensional Earth revived from the long forgotten past when Man had walked along side with the Divine and with each other; and filled the spaces in between them with love, respect, trust and infinite JOY.”

My deepest realization: JOY is the Key to unlocking the most advanced ascension codes now made available to humanity and it is the New Way for accelerating the remembrance of our God Self and the unfolding of 5D Tara, planet-wide.

On this new moon, may I share these gifts of sacred sound and ‘sight’ (sites), so we may continue to weave the vibration of JOY into the consciousness of Man.

  • Initiation To Hathorian Mystery School. Goddess Hathor – the bringer of music, joy and fertility; also a personification of the Pleiades beings

Audio recording (6min): Initiation by the Hathors At Dendera Temple

  • Quest to Eternity movie, featuring the temples vibrationally aligned to the galactic portals transmitting the ascension energies to Earth. Suggestion: before watching the movie, set the intention for your heart chakra and third eye chakra to bring through the ascension codes embedded in the holograms constructed at these sites.

Movie (5min):

Go to blog page at https://wp.me/p22lmc-3pd if these media links do not appear on your email.


A heartfelt gratitude – towards all our tour participants and our lovely guide, Manar Amin of Interpoint Tours & Travel, for having gifted Andy and I such an immensely joyful and deeply gratifying travel and organizing experience. Thank you!   



Sirius Star Rising© Healing Course awaits you.

Read course program and class schedules.

Debut session in Hong Kong: 7 & 8 Dec 2019. Additional classes in 2020 in Singapore, Manila, Dubai and Malaysia (tentative).


New Moon Joyous Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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New Moon Invitation: Be initiated by the Ascended Masters on 11.11

After a 11-month gestation period, QUEST TO ETERNITY, a sacred journey to the Ancient Land of Gods and Goddesses, will finally be birthed on 1.11!


The Elohim and Galactic Councils of Light warmly welcome All aligned with the tour intentions (below) to join us in spirit from 1.11 to 11.11.

A pilgrimage to

  • remember our collective soul memories of ancient Egypt, an evolutionarily significant time on Earth which saw the demi Gods (embodied star beings) walking hand-in-hand with the race of Man
  • receive the gifts of new creation codes from our galactic star family through the time-honored lineages of the ancient Egypt mystery schools of Hathor, Isis, Horus, Osiris and others
  • re-create the divine blueprint of the star human based on our  conscious intention and in alignment with the will of the Elohim gods
  • re-chart your personal path towards becoming the New Human of New Earth

concluding with an Initiation by the Great White Brotherhood Ascended Masters in Great Pyramid on 11.11



How to construct and activate Mer-Ka-Bah  

  1. Perform the following meditation, ideally anytime between 7am to 8am Cairo time (UTC+2) on 11.11.2019
  2. Visualise a doorway of a hexagonal shape in front of you (rationale: hexagon, applied in this context, is derived from the sacred geometry seed of life; see Diagram B)
  3. Using your mind, imprint the numbers 1111 onto the center of the hexagonal doorway
  4. Visualise 5 more of the same hexagons overlapping each other, separated at an angle of 60 degrees from each other, forming an expanded and deepened multi-dimensional gateway (see Diagram C). See yourself entering it.
  5. Imprint the symbol of the Left Eye of Horus on your Solar Plexus
  6. Recite the mantra Kothi Amun to initiate spinning of the Mer-Ka-Bah. You may then sense the ‘static’ doorway transformed into a tunnel of shiny blue light and that your subtle bodies and higher consciousness are being ‘transported’ to the Great Pyramid King’s Chamber to receive the initiation from the Great White Brotherhood Ascended Masters
  7. Once the Mer-Ka-Bah comes to a standstill, visualise stepping out of it
  8. Reconnect with your physical body by bringing through the emotions of gratitude and joy





Read course program and class schedules: 7 & 8 Dec 2019 – Hong Kong;  2020 – Singapore, Manila, Dubai



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Ushering in this New Moon with the launch of Sirius Star Rising© Healing Course, Hong Kong, 7 & 8 Dec


The Healing Program…Then and Now

Previously known as the “Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course”, this powerful healing program was first commissioned in 2008 and relaunched in 2012-2015 with a revised edition. In the past three years, the galactic frequencies dawning on Earth have become unprecedentedly prevalent and noticeable, as they further accelerate the awakening of the human consciousness and its higher dimensional light bodies. This phenomenon, in turn, brings about a pressing need to equip the human physical and emotional bodies with tools for integrating these stellar frequencies safely and steadily. The other reason for introducing the vibrationally upgraded course, entitled “Sirius Star Rising, at the close of 2019, is to anchor and disseminate expediently the latest ascension codes that will be retrieved at the ancient temples and power sites during the upcoming Egypt Sacred Tour: Quest to Eternity.

Read course description HERE.


Keen to…

  • Register for Hong Kong’s inaugural class, email Goretti at gorettiysma@gmail.com
  • Know more about the course, email Amara Tia Ann at anntay@acast.me
  • Co-organise course for your spiritual community, email info@acast.me



May you blossom into Beautiful Lotus

– Isis Blessing, channeled by Amara Tia Ann 2008


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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