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The Meaning of Aleph

א Aleph (English pronunciation: /ˈɑːlɨf/) is the first letter of the Kabbalistic alphabet and symbolises the number 1.  It means the origin, beginning, potentiality and the unity of all creations. Its form – upper stroke connected with a lower stroke through a dividing line – suggests an eternal link between the primeval source with everything that emanates from it. The symbol also contains within itself duality – Spirit and Matter; Heaven and Earth. On the human level, Aleph represents Divine Man.

Aleph Center of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation (ACAST) was launched in February 2012 in Singapore to provide a learning space for All who seek to embrace, express and expand their divinity during this momentous period on Earth where a revolutionary evolution of human consciousness is taking place. Specifically, 2012 brings us the golden opportunity to re-reconnect with the source energy of pure potentiality or the Aleph in us, so we may redefine our purpose and choices in this time of new beginnings.

Besides promoting interaction among light workers, this blog site will also be used for disseminating channeled materials to assist All in moving forward to the era of Oneness, Unity and Peace.

ACAST welcomes you to join us on this enriching journey of Self discovery, transformation and becoming the Divine Man of the New Earth.

With Love, Peace & Gratitude

Amara Tia Ann, Andy

3rd February 2012


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The Galactic Crescendo on 11.11.2017, New Zealand

New Moon greetings !

In Tune with Multiple Galaxies

Since late last year, Archangel Metatron and the Galactic Masters have ‘forewarned’ of torrential multi-galactic vibrations which would be accessible by humanity from 2017. Read more at posts A FLOURISH-ing Time Awaits Humanity 8 Dec 2016 and The Grand Alignment 29 Dec 2016.  This is the impetus for having created, and since presented, the FLOURISH workshop series in several cities in Asia, from March through June. FLOURISH has certainly been a highly transformational and deeply gratifying growth experience for many of the participants, as shared in their testimonials.


For those of us familiar with the work of world renowned spiritual teacher Judy Satori, you may have come across a similar message received and shared by Judy; for instance, in her March’s newsletter: “In January this year a powerful energy began streaming to Earth. This energy, which is of God, is coming from the center of a 22 galaxy diamond shaped grouping of galaxies. Scientists call it the Local Group. All of these galaxies are endowed with consciousness and physical life” (excerpt from Judy’s newsletter, 2 March 2017, titled Special Message and Gift from Sydney Retreat). Read more about Judy’s work at http://www.judysatori.com.


The Galactic Crescendo on 11.11

Numerologically speaking, the planetary vibration for 2017 is a ‘1’, marking the beginning of a new cycle of transformation and growth. This is one reason, among others, for 2017 to be an opportune time for humanity to contact and be supported by the influx of inter-galactic ascension energies made available to us.

The day 11.11 (11th of November) greatly enhances the potency of the vibratory theme of 2017 (‘1’). Besides, it carries the energetic properties of a messenger, visionary, light bearer or spiritual teacher, all of which are, or will be, the new roles for many of us co-creating a 5th-dimensional Earth. For these reasons, I have been asked to facilitate the finale of FLOURISH in New Zealand -Land of the First Light – on this significant day. The guides named this apex-event for 2017 THE GALACTIC CRESCENDO: Riding the Inter-Galactic Octaves of Light on 11.11. Read full program HERE.

As the workshop title suggests, the use of sacred sounds will be essential to perfecting the transmission of the teachings and energy keys from beyond Milky Way Galaxy. To this end, I am thrilled to have one of our NZ friends, Vicky Cavanagh-Hodge – sound healer, author, sacred tour leader – to support the event with her sound work (www.vickycavanagh-hodge.com). 

Workshop logistics and registration details will be announced on ACAST newsletter, possibly in July. You may register your interest in the meantime via email to info@acast.me, subject title: The Galactic Crescendo.


Spiritual Gathering led by Vicky Cavanagh-Hodge on 12.11.2017, NZ

Back to back with The Galactic Crescendo workshop, Vicky will lead a unique gathering in Celebration of Earth’s Potential and Deeper Insight into the Wonders of the Human Vessel. She shared, “This is a call to those who are ready to experience and embody HOME. Our focus is very much on empowering people to feel at home…..both in the Human Body and here on Planet Earth. We actively involve participants, encouraging them to share their own bandwidth of sound as we collectively weave light and merge timelines”. Contact Vicky at vicky@vickycavanagh-hodge.com for details.


On this new moon in Cancer (symbolizing the family & home), may our hearts be joined as one Family of Light!

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Solstice Blessing

My guides have often reminded me the significance of honouring the Equinox and Solstice seasons of the year. Much celebrated by the ancient civilisations, these days not only symbolise the deep connection between humanity and Earth,  they can also serve as doorways to awakening our soul memories, especially with regards to the divine purpose of our Earth incarnations.

As a Solstice gift from Spirit, I am asked to re-post the following blessing and the accompanying energy transmission originally channeled in 2012.

‘A world without contrast sees no real beauty.

A heart not ready to embrace all feels no joy.

A mind not skilled to see beyond form finds no peace.

Let the season of summer in the north and winter in the south bring home the blessing of oneness in duality’

                                                      Channeled 21 June 2012

Listen to solstice-integration -21 Jun 2012 energy transmission (2 min) to assist us in integrating and balancing all expressions of duality within our body and consciousness.

You may also access the MP3 track here : 


Have a joyous Solstice celebration !

Love from the Equator, Amara Tia Ann.


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Grounding Cross-Galactic Ascension Waves in Amenti – Super New Moon Meditation with Thoth

Read following posts for background info on cross-galactic energy transmissions coming through from 2017:


Meditating in halls of amenti on this Super New Moon

Today’s Super New Moon falls in Gemini which is ruled by the planet Mercury. On an intuitive level, I often associate Mercury with one of the cosmic masters whom I work with – Thoth (or Lord Hermes). For this reason, I might have attracted Thoth to my subtle body this morning and hence, able to share this message.

According to Thoth, this new moon offers a valuable opportunity for grounding the ascension waves that have been transmitted through an inter-galactic portal since the beginning of 2017.  Regardless of whether your chakra body has been specifically attuned to receive these fairly new and expansive vibrations emitted by the participating galaxies, you may now access their transmissions from within the Halls of Amenti, an inner Earth portal. All you need is a clear intention to awaken your Galactic consciousness.

(Reference on Halls of Amenti : The Emerald Tablets, Tablet 2).

Suggested meditation steps:

  • Using the power of your mind, visualise yourself contained in your Merkabah (ascension vehicle) and command that it be activated to journey towards Amenti. Refer to Diagram A below
  • If you prefer, ask to be protected by Archangel Michael or your personal guide(s) during the travel
  • Have a sense of yourself descending to inner Earth in your Merkabah, until you ‘arrive’ at the Halls of Amenti where you will be warmly greeted by Thoth
  • In Thoth’s presence, be aware of your aura and light bodies expanding into the vastness of the Universe
  • Focus on the cross-galactic geometric alignment (inter-galactic portal) above your crown chakra. Refer to Diagram B-1 below
  • As you recite this mantra gifted by Thoth, see or feel golden ascension waves pouring from above, filling up your Merkabah completely and activating your higher dimensional chakras.  Mantra : “WuKu KaYa Ka” (3X)
  • Spend a few moments being immersed in the sea of golden light and sharing your thoughts with Thoth
  • When you are ready to leave Amenti, command the Merkabah to be re-activated for your return to the surface of Earth; again, under the protection of Archangel Michael or your personal guide(s), if that’s your preference
  • Give thanks to the galactic masters for the energy gift and for Thoth’s assistance

New Moon Blessings to All! Amara Tia Ann.

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Wesak Festival Full Moon Blessings

Lord Gautama Buddha is one of the many Ascended Masters with whom I have a great affinity. For this reason, I look forward to channeling and dispensing his blessings on every Vesak Full Moon.

Widely regarded as the perfect expression of the wisdom aspect of God and the full embodiment of compassion, Lord Gautama Buddha holds the spiritual leadership role as the “Planetary Logos” on the spiritual hierarchy, responsible for the evolution of all sentient beings on earth.

Vesak, occurring on the full moon of May,  is celebrated by the Buddhist communities to honour three significant events during Lord Buddha’s incarnation: his birth as Prince Sidhartha, attainment of enlightenment, and departure from his physical body (death). On this day, an esoteric event takes place on the inner plane along with the Vesak celebrations on earth. This is known as the Wesak Festival with the following spiritual significance:

  • As a channel and portal opened for humanity, allowing Lightworkers to contact and disseminate beneficent forces not normally available or as easily accessible
  • Through Lord Buddha, the ‘Force of Enlightenment’, emanating from heart of God for awakening compassion, is dispensed to the world to stimulate the spirit of love, brotherhood and goodwill
  • An occasion where initiations are offered to disciples and adepts on earth by Lord Maitreya (“World Teacher”) and Lord Buddha

Read more about Wesak Festival HERE.

From the esoteric standpoint, Wesak Festival is a time for Lightworkers from all religions, spiritual paths, mystery schools and traditions to join in the spiritual fellowship, thereby demonstrating the unity of all Paths to God!

Receiving and Sharing Buddha’s Blessings through the Metta Chant

As we know, loving words transmit healing vibrations. For this reason, at the Wesak Festival Meditations I used to facilitate, I would invite the group to chant the Metta (Loving Kindness) prayer, as a means of receiving, circulating and amplifying the Wesak blessings for the highest good.

The Metta prayer HERE is encoded with the golden Wesak Festival blessings from Lord Buddha and the Spiritual Hierarchy as I typed it this morning. You may recite it aloud while in a meditative state, either for your own spiritual evolution (especially for cultivating compassion) or if you like, to also dedicate the blessings to your loved ones and humanity. Focus on expanding your heart chakra and connect with the essence of Wesak Festival during your recitation.

To listen to the full Metta chant in Pali language, I recommend Imee Ooi’s rendition available on YouTube. Absolutely beautiful!

May You be Well & Happy. With Metta, Amara Tia Ann.

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New Moon Transmission through The Chamber of Light Ascension

Please read ‘Converging towards No-Time, No-Space’ as a prelude to this post, if you have missed it earlier.

As a being originated from the Sirius star system (portal to Milky Way), I thought it was most apt for Goddess Isis to offer her support in bringing through a new ascension wave emitted by a group of galaxies within our local Universe. The body of light coordinating this cross-galactic transmission is an ‘oversight authority’ known to me the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light. To enhance our body’s integration with it, this ultra-refined frequency was stepped-down vibrationally at a star satellite (Chamber of Light Ascension) stationed at the 13th dimensional level of Milky Way before permeating Earth and my consciousness (as the human channel over-light by Isis).

This new moon energy gift is intended to expand our awareness and acceptance of our God-Self and to catalyse the remembrance and re-connection with our respective home planets. Besides offering tremendous healing and activation benefits by themselves, these two effects will also contribute to developing our Claircognizance (all-knowing mind) rapidly.

Listen to : Transmission through Chamber of Light Ascension (6 min)

Or click :

* For best results, I suggest listening to the track for a total of 3 times  – on the day before new moon (25th Apr), new moon (26th) and the day after (27th). 

New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Converging towards No-Time, No-Space

Archangel Metatron expounded the concepts of No-Time and No-Space, in the context of 5th dimensional living, during the FLOURISH workshop (March 18-19). I thought I have understood what he was meaning. On hindsight, I probably did so only on an intellectual level! It was not until this couple of weeks that I began to appreciate his teachings vibrationally and experientially. Metatron urged that I share my experiences through this article as a validation of your own inner growth, especially if you too have been working with the inter-galactic transmissions (read post of 25th March ‘Expanding Inter-Galactically from this New Moon’ for elaboration) or connecting with your own galactic masters.

I would describe this inner shift as a convergence of dimensional consciousness experienced through the human psyche and body.

It is as if I have become acutely more aware and comfortable in the presence of the multiple and timeless realities I had lived in and those I am currently creating. The ‘past’ feels as real and alive as my present moments. For example, I feel deeply, in all my body cells, the ancient Earth lineages and traditions I had lived through – Paganism, Celtic, Avalon, Egyptian, Mayan, Incas, Tibetan Buddhism etc – and these ‘revived’ identities are connecting me more intimately with Mother Earth. Interestingly, I am equally aware and totally embrace my star origin (non-matter/beyond Earth) as I continue my frequent telepathic communications with the various galactic masters and councils of light.

In contrast, the ‘future’ is feeling more vague and detached. Each time I tried to paint a desired future scenario in my head, my attention is immediately brought back to the present moment through what feels like a newly developed reflex action for : regaining mental awareness of the co-existing and multiple possible outcomes that can become my next moment. Quite naturally, I tend to energise (project my heart energy onto) those possibilities which feel right and light. These moment-to-moment manifestations have been both fun and precise.

Perhaps you have been experiencing similar shifts into no-time and no- space ? Hope you are enjoying the ongoing upward spiral in consciousness.

These 7 days leading to New Moon of 26th April….

An Avalon goddess revealed this morning that the coming new moon will usher in the next wave of inter- galactic transmission to further awaken our Claircognizance. In preparation for receiving and integrating this energy gift optimally, it will be ideal to journey inward as much as possible in the coming week (19th to 25th April) and experience the healing and positive feelings that will emerge from your stillness  – peace, beauty, gratitude, love and inner joy.

Stay tuned for the new moon message and energy transmission from beyond the Milky Way!

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Expanding Inter-Galactically from this New Moon

Following the inaugural session of the FLOURISH workshop last weekend, I have found it impossible to try to summarize the experience in words. It felt as if the frequencies the group was entrained with and the internal shifts which followed are, by themselves, beyond any description. Nevertheless, if I must, I’d say I walked out of the workshop having a simplified yet grander perception of myself as DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS created from sacred geometry and awakened / to be further awakened through Light and Sound frequencies. 

According to the hosting guides, the March Equinox of 2017 marked the initiation of a new inter-galactic experience for those of us whose consciousness (spiritual self-awareness) is now ready to undergo a quantum expansion by having our subtle bodies aligned with a multi-galactic portal. On this note, I am deeply grateful to the participants who jointly contributed to creating a magnificent group Merkabah to allow the inter-galactic transmissions  – channeled teachings, sacred sounds, light frequencies and geometric patterning –  to be captured and weaved into the Earth’s crystalline matrix.


To experience ‘travelling’ through the inter-galactic portal to contact your Galactic Self, you are welcome to participate in the meditation and Light Language energy transmission gifted by the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light during the workshop.

or click : 

Recommended additional steps for above meditation: 

This meditation can be performed prior to the new moon of March 27th-28th and be repeated on the day of the new moon.

(a) I was given the following geometric pattern as symbolic of the doorway to the inter-galactic portal. Imprint it on your heart chakra to assist in your visualisation.

(b) you may seed your new moon intentions while being merged with your Galactic Self (rationale :thoughts manifestation is an instantaneous experience in the galactic worlds where there is no linear time. The human neurological system can be rewired to demonstrate the same capability with sufficient and appropriate entrainment)

(c) ground your physical body adequately upon returning from your astral travel (through the blackholes)


Check out FLOURISH for subsequent runs of the same workshop led by Archangel Metatron and the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light.

May your new moon wishes and goals flourish in no time, under the guidance of your soul and Galactic Self!

With loving kindness, Amara Tia Ann.


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Sounds of Hope and Inspiration – New Moon Solar Eclipse Transmission from the Pleiades


Pleiades, The Sound Masters 

Through my years of working with the Pleiades, I have learnt to recognise their presence through their key quality of joyous love. Like the goddesses of ancient times, the Pleiadian guides of the 4th dimensional world are ‘here’ to remind us to honour and celebrate the human existence through music, dance, festivities and merriment. They are also regarded as great masters of sounds by many energy workers.

As Above, So Below – Spiritual Significance of this Solar Eclipse

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon lines up with the sun and earth and as the moon passes in front of the sun, it creates a halo around the sun (“ring of fire”) when viewed from the earth.

My Pleiadian guides revealed the eclipse of 26th February 2017 is in fact mirroring a perfect alignment of these 3 bodies of light in the inner plane:

  • Earth
  • Sun – representing earth’s physical heart (as earth revolves around the sun)
  • Alcyone, the central station of Pleiades – representing earth’s etheric heart

Through the Alcyone portal, we may attune our higher consciousness to the Pleiades star system to connect with the joyous nature of our 4th dimensional collective self.

New Moon in Pisces 

The eclipse will fall on the new moon in Pisces, the zodiac sign symbolising compassion and higher learning. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of inspiration, hopes and wishes. As the higher octave of Venus, Neptune spiritualises our expressions of love.

Pleiades’ sound transmission of Inspiration, Hope and Compassion

To support us in reaping maximum benefit from this highly potent new moon solar eclipse, the Pleiades High Council is gifting us a sound transmission to entrain us with the Pleiades energy signature of joyous love.  It is the intention of the High Council to inspire hope, love and compassion in our subtle thoughts as we attune ourselves with Piscean/Neptunian vibrations on this new moon.  

To listen to Light Language transmission (4 minutes), click  Pleaides Sounds of Inspiration; or


Equinox Event Announcement – FLOURISH

Following the February’s eclipse season, the next window to experience an impactful downpour of ascension energies is probably the Equinox in March. For this reason, I have been asked to launch the new workshop series FLOURISH in Singapore on 18 – 19 March. FLOURISH is a all-new program commissioned by Archangel Metatron and the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light to catalyse the remembrance of ourselves as a galactic being. Workshop program and registration information available at FLOURISH.


‘On A Lighter Note’

This is a new blog containing channeled articles related to the theme of the upcoming Scotland Sacred Tour – higher dimensional living in No Time. Read latest channeled message ‘The Secret of Invigorating Youth’ and previous posts at https://onalighternotesite.wordpress.com. (tour fully booked).


New Moon blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Honoring Solitude in this Eclipse Full Moon – The Hathors Speak

Having worked with the Hathor Goddess for several years now, I have come to associate her Presence with joy, laughter, merriment and celebration. Surprisingly, she came through today with a rather serious and introspective tone, at least that was how I had interpreted her vibes. It felt as if the change from her usual “personality” has to do with the theme of her message.

Although you may feel us as a singular being, we are actually a collective soul which you can imagine as belonging to a sisterhood and priestess order during ancient Egypt. Since ancient times, mankind has come to associate the moon with the sacred feminine energy. This is the reason we, the Hathor Goddesses, have chosen to communicate through the channel on this occasion.

Before we begin our sharing, please bear in mind that all experiences and their interpretations are relative in nature. This is necessarily so since energy frequencies overlay and weave through one another; appearing as separate streams of light to the observer but in truth, have originated from and existed as integrated white light at the heart of the Creator. Thus, relativity in perception of experiences affects the external observer but not to those who view their realities through the eyes of God.  

Accordingly, what we about to share is is best appreciated with the relativity principle in mind. 

If you are well anchored in Oneness and are consciously and happily being so, we would say the physical phenomenon of and affecting the Earth including lunar cycles, eclipses, planetary transits and many others, would have minimal impact on your presence. Despite being in seemingly fluctuating or even unpredictable environments, you have complete power to remain in your chosen emotional and mental state. The common expression ‘in the world but not of it’ would be appropriate to describe your spiritual cultivation thus far and correspondingly, your physical existence on Earth.

On the contrary, if your recent experiences suggest your emotions and thoughts are easily influenced and shaken by your external world and the ‘natural’ phenomenon of Earth, we would recommend spending this full moon and eclipse season in solitude and deep contemplation. Take advantage of the shadowed moon to purify your body and mind, reinforce your psychic shield and deepen your connection with the Creator in you. Focus on convergence, consolidation and integration of your own light. This full moon and lunar eclipse offers a great opportunity for initiating a paradigm shift in your awareness and choice of focus – from being merely an observer of realities to a conscious and masterful creator.             

We are the Hathors”


Full Moon Eclipse Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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The Light-ness of Be-ing : New Moon Message from the Galactic Family of Light

I am so thrilled to have connected with a group of Galactic Masters whose presence instantly made me feel refreshed, invigorated and light. They described themselves as a cluster of stars stationed on the peripheral of the Milky Way. For now, they would like to be known as the Galactic Family of Light.

Their transmissions felt like a torrential rain – huge downpour of golden light brushing through my brain and nervous system while I tried to capture and interpret their messages as quickly and accurately as I could. Here’s the gist of their New Moon transmission.

“Since the beginning of 2017, Earth entered a force field, similar to but less intensive than a time warp. As this special energy grid intercepts with an extremely subtle level of Earth’s consciousness (Amara Tia Ann’s elaboration : think of Earth having an aura with several layers), it can be contacted only by those of you much in-tuned with galactic frequencies, and here we are not referring to only the local galactic waves but much more refined frequencies emitted by planets, systems and stars lying beyond your galaxy.

Entering a ‘time warp’ zone is a preparation for a phenomenal awakening of your star genetic blueprint. You are seeded as a star and by that, we mean a spark of God consciousness that is multi-dimensional, formless and timeless.  To be activated to your God spark is to return to Being Light.  If you have been experiencing accelerated time, racing thoughts, flashback of old memories alternated with instant manifestations of current desires, volatile moods and extreme exhaustion in recent days, please do not be too quick to judge yourself as being not centered. Such experiences result from the human neurology being exposed to circular time which is essentially the absence of time (Amara Tia Ann’s elaboration : ‘time warp’ effect is to feel as if time and therefore, thoughts are travelling at speed of light). Be rest assured that these bodily effects are only temporary.

These ongoing energy circuitry changes initiated by a new cross-galactic alignment involving Earth will eventually stabilise, lessening the sense of dis-orientation triggered in you.  The Light-ness of Be-ing will then settle in as your new knowing.

We are the Galactic Family of Light”


FLOURISH Workshops, March to June

With the commissioning of the new workshop series FLOURISH by Archangel Metatron, I have had the privilege and pleasure connecting with Galactic Masters ‘residing’ outside the Milky Way. I look forward with great excitement to transmitting more mind-boggling teachings and concepts (such as time warp and circular time!) when FLOURISH unfolds in March. For workshop details, go to FLOURISH.

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Wishing All a revitalising New Moon! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann


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