One of my spiritual guides Thoth, also known as Lord Hermes, would like to share this knowledge.

The human energy field is highly perceptive to all other energy fields around it. When Light Language, which is fast pulsating energy coded with light, sound and sacred geometries, is received by the human brain, it activates the higher mental faculties in us. With continual exposure to Light Language, through entrainment or law of resonance, the brain then begins to emit instructions to the body cells to vibrate at a higher frequency corresponding to the Light Language pulsations. Over time, this process increases the overall vibratory rate of the person’s electro-magnetic field, allowing the person to tap into the higher dimensional fields easier and faster. The benefits are, among many others:

  • greater awareness of one’s multi-dimensional nature
  • faster remembrance of soul ability as the mind connects with higher intelligence of the more evolved star systems / dimensions
  • raised Love Quotient in one’s heart chakra bringing about Love, Peace, Gratitude and other positive thoughts and emotions. Being in such a balanced state naturally promotes health and wellness.

May you be Peace, May you be Joy! Namaste. Ann

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