I do not often work with Ascended Master Maha Chohan, the Head of the Chohans/Lords of the 7 Rays . So I was pleasantly surprised when he came through me last night. He requested that I intuitively select 4 out of the 22 Hebrew alphabets which will form a blessing for Light Workers, so they may truly ‘Walk Along with Man”.

After picking and writing these Hebrew letters onto a piece of paper, I started infusing brilliant white light from the Master onto the letters, along with Light Language encoding. His blessing is now sealed within this mantra, pronounced as VAV LAMED TAV HEI (original copy below).

Interpretation of Mantra

Maha Chohan guided me to this interpretation – 

Secure Man with the Knowledge of the Heart; Mark onto Man the Divine Breath.

Derived from Meaning of Composite Letters

Letter ‘Vav” – secure, hook, Man

Letter ‘Lamed’ – teach or learn knowledge of the Heart. Also associated with YHVH, Divine Name of God

Letter ‘Tav” –  a mark, sign, cross

Letter ‘Hey’ – Light, revelation, divine breath

Purpose of Mantra

As the head of the seven chohans of the rays, the Maha Chohan embodies the white light of the seven rays and teaches the balance and integration of these rays through the eighth ray. By infusing his Light onto the mantra above, he helps the user to integrate all 7 rays (7 chakra colours) onto the body and mind, making the being very appealing to Man from all walks of life. Rationale: this person begins to radiate all 7 rays like a rainbow and thus could easily attract personalities of any one ray, making himself a more effective channel or messenger for God.

Frequent recitation of the Light-infused VAV LAMED TAV HEI mantra helps us to  naturally exude the energy to: Secure Man with the Knowledge of the Heart; Mark onto Man the Divine Breath, as we Walk Along With Man towards his spiritual awakening to be One with God.

Guideline on Application

  1. look at the mantra with your heart, focus on the Hebrew hieroglyph (use the hand- written copy shown above)
  2. place both hands over our heart chakra to recite the mantra aloud for 9 times
  3. recite on every Sunday for 4 weeks, thereafter as and when necessary

Maha Chohan explained rationale of step 2 : In order To Secure Man with Knowledge of the Heart – we must do it ourselves by honouring the wisdom and truth in our heart, hence to place hands on heart chakra; To Mark Unto Man The Divine Breath – we need to first utter the blessed Hebrew letters ourselves, hence to recite aloud use our breath gifted by the Divine.

Learn about Maha Chohan, suggested website http://www.greatdreams.com/masters/Maha-Chohan.htm

May your find PEACE as You Walk Along With Man as a messenger of God ! Blessings, Ann

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