I received this interesting question from a client about the ‘Song of the Stars’ Workshop I’ll be doing  in Sydney (April), HK (May) and Singapore (June). I sought the advice from Goddess Kuan Yin since she is one of the spiritual hosts of this program. Read what she has to say…

Qn: Reading the flyer description, this seems to be for light workers. My understanding of this term is that it refers to those like yourself who are providing guidance on spiritual matters rather than their clients, like me. Is that correct?

Kuan Yin Speaks: My warmest greetings! As you know Light attracts Light, Fear attracts Fear. This is how the law of resonance plays out across the universe of which you are part. As your subconscious mind has recognised and remembered yourself as a Light being, it is causing your conscious mind to ask about the meaning of a Light Worker.

Energy comprises form but is far beyond and greater than form. The expression Light Worker is a form,  but what is key is the energy embedded in this form and here I am meaning the intention introduced into it by the channel. As I am one of the patrons of this gathering of embodied souls (Ann’s note: refer to workshop), I understand the intention infused herein. We are calling souls who resonate with their inner Light and wish to seek assistance from us – your teachers from the higher planes – to make their inner Light Work towards their own ascension and accomplishment of soul purpose. As you move towards fulfilling your soul plan, your inner Light will shine through your beingness radiantly. Like moths being attracted to the Light, the less-awakened souls will be drawn to your light which propels them to also move towards awakening and ascension. This is how you become a Light Worker – having your inner Light Work as a natural catalyst for others. It is not what you do with your inner Light that matters (Ann’s note: refer to vocation, profession or other expressions of gifts and talents), it’s all about your willingness and readiness to honor, build and shine your light. I am Kuan Yin. May you be enlightened with love and compassion.

Goddess Kuan Yin will be offering karmic miasmic energy release on first day of the workshop. I will be delighted to answer any query you may have about this program. Read about the workshop or register HERE. Blessings, Ann.

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