Yesterday, the great Master known as Lao Tzu taught me the meaning of becoming a true master. One of his incarnations was Kuthumi, the Chohan for the second ray of love and wisdom. From my experience, Masters from the second ray including Maitreya, Dhjwal Khul, Lanto, Lao Tzu (Kuthumi) serve as the spirit guides for Light Workers whose mission is to be a spiritual teacher on Earth.

Lao Tzu shared for an initiate to be a true master, he needs to pass the spiritual test of  ‘selfless service’.  His ego (lower self) needs to die, allowing the higher self or soul to take over the mind and heart completely. When that happens, the person is transformed to be a pure channel for Spirit and a devoted servant of his soul. He will experience and be the unconditional love that streams through him constantly from the higher planes of light. From this space of divine love, he serves all of mankind selflessly.

He suggested we contemplate over this simple question to assess if we are ready to become a true master: can we be like the sun which faithfully shines its light and warmth onto all life forms everyday, not needing to be acknowledged for its contribution or even to be seen and noticed by those whom it serves?

Hmm…I shall be pondering over this question.  Will you? Blessings, Ann

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