Director of our Galaxy, Melchior explained the need for us to consciously align and connect our mind and body with our monadic self, to assist the physical body to go through the current transition to the 5th dimension more easily. He also gifted us with an energy activation to facilitate this alignment of our physical self with the  monadic plane. The effect of listening to this energy transmission is gradual entrainment of the mind and body to ‘believe’ that we, as a consciousness, is fully rejoined with our monad at the galactic level, hence allowing our physical body and energy field to receive and integrate the galactic transmissions more easily (rationale: the increased amount of solar flares and radiations is a result of ascension energy transmitted from the galactic center. If our mind, physical body and energy field are attuned to the same frequency as the galaxy, the physical body can automatically discharge itself of excessive radiation and solar flares which are causing physical dis-eases and discomforts to many of us).

Listen to recording of his full message and energy transmission HERE. Many blessings, Ann

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