I started working really closely with Archangel Metatron since the beginning of this year. I feel his Presence as masculine, so I am going to address this great angel as a He for now.

Seated in a nice little cafe yesterday afternoon, for the first time in my many years of channeling his messages and healing energies, I found myself asking him “Who Are You actually?” He gave a short and mysterious response : my essence is encoded in my name. That got me really curious and I started to decode the secrets hidden in the expression “M-E-T-AT-R-O-N, under his guidance.

Lo and behold, this was what was revealed to me:

M – Messenger, E- Elohim, T – Transcendental Transformation, A – Adam Kadmon

T – Tilt, R – Rotational Field, O – Orbiting Field or Orbitals, N – Neutrons

Stringing up the meanings of these individual letters, I realised the essence of AA Metatron, in the context of the human ascension, is :

I am the Messenger for the Elohim (Creator aspect of God), assisting in the Transcendental transformation of the Adam Kadmon race (humans) by Tilting (raising) the Rotational Field (meaning the electromagnetic field created by the electrons and protons of an atom) and increasing the Orbitals (energy level) of the Neutrons of the  atom.

Let me expand on this long and profound statement.

Our physical body, like all matter, is made up of atoms. The electrons (negative charge) and protons (positive charge) in an atom creates an electromagnetic field (EMF). This is why we, as energy beings, have an EMF within and around us. The protons and neutrons are contained in the nucleus while the electrons orbit round the nucleus. Since the protons all carry positive charge, they tend to propel each other and can destabilise the nucleus. The job of the neutrons is to hold the protons together within the nucleus, in order to stabilise the EMF created by the protons and electrons. The greater the energy level or orbitals of the neutrons, the more stabilised the EMF.

As Earth and ourselves go through the current ‘upgrade’ in energy frequency from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, the rate of pulsation or vibratory speed of the atomic particles in our body is increasing rapidly, causing our body’s EMF to expand and step up in its frequency by a tremendous amount. AA Metatron is facilitating this energy expansion in our body by moderating or smoothing out the emanation of ascension energy from the galaxy, the source of our energy upgrade. He also enables an effective integration of this ascension energy in our body by bringing about a cohesive, stable and balanced energy shift of the electrons, protons and neutrons in our body. This is the meaning of his role as ‘assisting in the Transcendental transformation of the Adam Kadmon race by Tilting the Rotational Field and increasing the Orbitals of the Neutrons of the atom’. 

META-TRON can also be decoded as Going Beyond or Transcending (Meta) the Electrons, Protons and Neutrons (TRON)!

A picture paints a thousand words, just as a name contains a million secrets, so I learned. May I ask what’s your name all about then?? Blessings, Ann

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