Last night I attended a love-filled meditation facilitated by Judy Satori in Singapore. The event was called ‘Your Lineage of Light, Heart Opening Activations’. Judy channeled the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, Kuan Yin and transmitted Light Language activations to open our heart chakra to greater love. I was asked by Kuan Yin to translate some parts of the Light Language transmissions into a Chinese poem in honor of mankind.

English Translation of Poem

We, the Beings of the Pure Land

Are not as great as you, Beings on Earth

You, Beings on Earth, have always remembered the Buddha in You

Lifetime after lifetime, you reincarnated on Earth 

With faith, you wished for the lotus flower in your heart

To rise above the muddy waters towards the Buddhic Plane.

Thank you Judy for bringing through such a wonderful Valentine’s blessing!

Judy will be conducting two more events in Singapore on 18th and 19th Feb. Check out details HERE.

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