I started connecting with the Hathors intensely in 2010 when I was led by Goddess Isis to design the Isis Alchemy Healing Course. I know the Hathors as very loving, fun and wise energies from the Pleiades of the 4th dimension. They are also experts in vibrational sound healing techniques.

Early this morning, I was eager to find out which Master will be connecting with me. At that moment, the Hathors appeared in my mind and spoke to me, ‘Alright, let’s talk about what you’re feeling right now: being in a state of expectancy‘. The following was their teaching.

Humans are gifted with an emotional body as a learning device, to allow us to experience a whole range of emotions. Each emotion carries a specific energy frequency, which triggers certain types of chemicals being produced in the body, thus we experience a particular feeling or sensation that goes with the emotion. Feelings, the result of an emotional process, can be classified broadly as positive or negative. By virtue of the Universal Law of Attraction (or Resonance), positive feelings cause us to attract positive experiences or realities and so is true with regard to negative feelings.

The emotion of ‘expectancy’ is a neutral and critical one. While it carries extremely high potential energy, it may not always be manifested as a positive feeling, hence a positive experience for us. It represents a moment of choice, an opportunity for creating a change in our mental and emotional pattern. We can imagine the emotion of expectancy as a battery, charged with latent energy. How we use this battery is entirely up to us. If we expect to have a positive feeling, followed by a positive experience, chances are we’ll attract exactly that. Of course, the same is true for negative expectations.

Memories are hard-wired expectations or in energy terms, crystallised thoughts. Whilst we can apply all sorts of energy modalities to alter or ‘upgrade’ a fear-based or unloving memory pattern, the healing results will be more long-lasting if we consciously create positive expectations, especially when faced with situations which we have interpreted as draining, stressful or generally unloving in the past. With sufficient practice, the mental effort put in to bring about a positive expectation of an outcome will gradually become a new and more uplifting thinking and feeling pattern in our body. This is how we can effectively manifest the realities we truly desire.

I believe that during this time on Earth where the veils of separation are thinning and in fact slowly being lifted off from our collective consciousness, we can expect great results if we were to put into practise the Hathors’ teaching. I am sure you’ll enjoy the process of having positive expectations and the fruits that come with them, like I’ve experienced. Blessings, Ann.

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