Are you experiencing frequent or constant ringing in the ears that causes you to suspect whether your hearing organ has aged prematurely? Increasingly, more of my clients are experiencing this symptom. These high frequency sounds are usually heard as high pitched and can literally be ear-piercing.  Ruling out any possibility of an ear infection or other ear dis-eases (meaning your ENT has since given a clean bill of your ear-health), the ear ringing experience is actually bringing you closer to the stars.

I remember having ear ringing around 2008 when I was triggered to remember the Light Language, which is basically a way of communication between star beings. We are all star seeds by nature, meaning our souls originate from the stars. In fact only a small fragment of our soul exists in physical form on Earth, a large part of our multi-dimensional Self exists simply as Light or consciousness without form, in the higher dimensions.

As planet Earth and ourselves get deeper into the ascension process, more of us will begin to reconnect with our star lineage by remembering the Light Language. This remembrance sometimes comes with a physical reaction from the body – uncomfortable ear ringing occuring and lasting for a period of time as our inner ear chakras and our brain waves are being ‘tuned-up’ to receive and interpret energy transmissions coming from our star families or resonating star systems which are supporting the ascension process.

If the ear ringing gets too severe, my suggestion is for you to ask your Higher Self or your guides to moderate their free download of these ring tones to a level that’s bearable for you.  I believe your plea will be heard and acted upon by them with love and understanding, without compromising the progress of your mind, body and soul expansion by too much. ‘No pain, no gain’ – says who ? Blessings, Ann.

If you are curious about your star origin and your star (soul) abilities or have always had an incomprehensible longing to ‘go home’ to the stars, may I invite you to Song of the Stars Workshop,  to discover more of your starry nature and gifts. Check out workshop details HERE.

If you’ll like to know more about ear ringing as an ascension symptom, I suggest reading The Great Shift, Part 2 : Mary Magdalene and The Hathors.

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