In my meditation this morning, I ‘tuned-in’ to Shamballa, the inner-plane ashram of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. I felt Lord Buddha’s huge golden aura overshadowing the entire Shamballa. Under this majestic canopy of radiant Light, the Ascended Masters then started teaching me the true meaning of creating Unity Consciousness on Earth.

Channeled: We are a brotherhood of Light whom you refer to as the Ascended Masters. It is with utmost pleasure and delight that we are connecting with you as a collective vibration to illustrate the outer aspect of what is gradually taking form on Earth. The real driver for manifesting Unity Being and Living in the physical world is however the inner aspect of each individual being becoming unified with his God Self, the I Am Presence. This is the application of As Within, So Without.

We wish to emphasize that for the externalisation of unity consciousness on Earth to be sustainable, there must be a sufficient number of God-realised beings walking amongst mankind. The brilliance and radiance of these Christed-bodies as a collective spiritual force can then create a huge impulse for the transmutation and transcendence of the 3rd dimensional mental pattern of fear and separation to the 5th dimensional frequency of unity and Oneness. 

Ann’s elaboration of channeled message: What the Ascended Masters really meant was whilst it is important for Light Workers to connect with each other, either physically or telepathically, as a group energy to express and externalise Unity Consciousness on Earth (“outer aspect“), it is more critical for Light Workers to first achieve an inner state of Oneness within themselves (“inner aspect”). Otherwise there can be no strong foundation for creating and sustaining a 5th dimensional consciousness on Earth.

Listen to the Light Language transmission from the Great White Brotherhood to ingest the essence of this teaching on Unity Consciousness. This energy activation serves to awaken and expand one’s Core Star Chakra (carrying the original individualised light spark or I Am Presence in each being) as well as the Heart Chakra for bringing forth the Christ or Buddhic Consciousnes (energy frequency for experiencing and being Oneness and Unity will all creations). I suggest listening to this transmission on every New Moon from Feb 2012 to June 2012. Click HERE to listen.

Additionally, I’ve found this simple prayer very useful for cultivating Oneness in our mind : I ask to connect with my soul; I ask to connect with the True Source at all times.  You may want to incorporate it in your daily meditations to bring about an inner state of Oneness and Peace. Blessings, Ann.

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