I started taking numerology lessons from Thoth (Lord Hermes) and Master Kuthumi some years ago. I am excited that Master Kuthumi has returned today to share with us the secrets of the number 10.

Channeled: The secrets and laws of the Universe are represented in symbols. Numerology is the science of uncovering esoteric knowledge embedded within number symbols. All creations start from basic energy patterns which through mathematical formulae and geometric combinations, are transformed into higher order of intelligence and accordingly manifested as more complex systems and life forms, as in the case of the symbol ’10’.

’10’, making up of the basic units of ‘1’ and ‘0’, carries the energetic properties of Perfection, Wholesomeness and Total Balance. ‘0’ symbolises the potential creative energy of All That Is (Divine Feminine) while ‘1’ represents that is manifested or expressed through form (Divine Masculine). When potentiality and form come together in marriage and this unity is caused to be sealed within the symbol ’10’, a total balance in polarity is created within and disseminated without its environment.  It is with this same principle that the Life of Tree of the ancient Kabbalah teachings is created with 10 spheres or vortices of energy interacting with each other – as a template encoded with the universal principle of harmony and perfection in all expressions or movements of Spirit.

Meditate with the symbol ’10’ to bring about the balance and harmony within and without your energy system and your external realities shall be created with the same quality of perfection that defines the Universe. I am Kuthumi. I speak to you with much love and affection.

Ann’s input: If groups of Light Workers can organise themselves into 10 when engaging in spiritual or energy work, I feel the effect will be greatly enhanced.

The 10th Major Acarna or Trump in Tarot is the Wheel of Fortune. With Jupiter as its ruling planet, the Wheel of Fortune is all about luck, abundance, happiness and a sudden change that brings with it great joy. Anyone fancy pre-fixing your name with the symbol ’10’ then?  10-Blessings, Ann.

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