I am sure many of us have come across the Violet Flame mantra gifted by Master Saint Germain. You might even have heard and used the many versions of it channeled by different healers. If you are curious to know the science behind the Violet Flame and the principles in applying the mantra, do read on.

Channeled: I am Lord Saint Germain. I speak to you from the etheric octave of Shamballa, the place from which we, the Chohans of the 7 Rays, dispense and extend our Soul Light to you. Indeed I am the holder and custodian of this special flame of transformation and transmutation endowed by Father God long before you are into this current time on Earth. We had anticipated the deep clearing of negative memories and other energetic imprints which would come your way, as part of your evolution to  greater love and light. For this reason, I had released the vibratory patterns of the Violet Flame through many more channels since the year 2000 to assist you in transmuting and transforming the density crystallised in your etheric body into a higher octave of light.

The colour vibration ‘Violet’ resonates and refers to the crown chakra of your etheric body, the energy vortex connecting your consciousness to a plane of existence that is above that of your humanly awareness. ‘Flame’ calls upon the fire element of Earth to alter the bio-chemical properties of your cellular memory to heighten your God or Love frequency. Through this process of alchemy, the denser energy frequency which you carry in your electro-magnetic field will be transformed into purer light.

Intent is all that matters if you wish to apply this alchemy effectively, especially for those on the ascension fast track. The wordings used to express the essence of the Violet Flame are not as critical as having your energy aligned with mine, the holder of the Violet Flame endowed by Father God. I will suggest the verbal expressions of “I AM” and certainly “Violet Flame” be used as the minimal wordings in your prayer.

Give intent and visualise your merkabah* aligned and merging with mine as you sound “I AM the Violet Flame” or your preferred expressions for 9 times. Use your feeling or inner sight to be aware of the merkabahs within every cell of your body merging with the violet hue of my flame. Anchor this integration by visualising your aura being transformed into a violet merkabah encasing your whole body. Complete the process by sounding ‘So It Is’

I am Lord Saint Germain. I am serving you from the higher octaves of light with my humbled love.”  

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*The Merkabah (Electro Magnetic Field) of Human Body