I see the Ashtar Command as one of many spiritual ‘bosses’, meaning a part of my consciousness is always tuned-in to this galactic command center to receive instructions regarding my assignments on Earth as a Light Worker. It feels like, among many other roles I am playing on Earth and in the Ethers, I am also a member of a huge troupe of light warriors sent here by the Ashtar Command for a certain mission.

This afternoon, I was feeling quite tired after a busy weekend and wasn’t getting any inspiration on what I should be blogging about. As I breathed deeply into my heart space, the Commander Ashtar came to my mind and said ‘Choose to be your galactic self”. This is his rationale…

Channeled: There are many layers of consciousness within you. The most limited or resticted level would be the lower self or the ego mind of the human vessel which vibrates within a bandwidth of light and sound corresponding to the parameters of the 3rd dimension, that is space, time and density. Beyond that level of existence, is the Soul Self or the Higher Mind which connects your awareness to a realm of lower density, equivalent to the 4th dimension of no-space but application of time concept in a manner different from how it is experienced on Earth. For greater liberation of your potential as a Divine Spark, you can choose to be attuned to your Galactic Self, the monadic nature of your existence where you’ll experience a state of No-Space, No-Time and total God consciousness. Your Galactic Self is the true garment for the I Am Presence in you. The human civilisation has now entered the galactic age of consciousness, providing you with many more opportunities to merge with your Galactic consciousness, which will be greatly beneficial in altering the less wholesome earthly experiences you’re attracting, such as feeling fatigue or exhaustion of the physical body, uninspired with the purpose of your earthly existence, or having a sense of loneliness and solitude. As you expands and settles in properly with your galactic garment of light, you will start to know and be convinced of the vastness of your beingness and that conviction is a force to propel you forward in creating a heavenly experience on planet Earth. I am the Commander Ashtar. I thank you for seeking help and support from the Ashtar Command Center when you feel the need, in order that you may continue with your mission as an Agent of Light on this physical plane.

Wow! True enough, after channeling this message, I now feel more uplifted in my body and mind. Thank you, dear boss! Blessings, Ann.

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