Like many others, I do not feel the need to be affiliated with any religions, which to me are guided interpretations of infinitely larger philosophies.

Whilst naturally there are many shades of overlap between religions and spirituality, one interesting and significant difference came to mind: in religions, you learn what to think; in spirituality, you learn how to think.

What I mean by that is, religions, by definition, hold a set of beliefs to which followers are supposed to subscribe; in other words, you are told what the truth is. In spirituality, there is no truth, only truths; there are no beliefs, other than those you have chosen. In other words, you are encouraged to go inwards, instead of seeking input.

We all know about listening to the heart, but to many, myself included, it too often remains an academic pursuit. Even right now, I am still thinking whether this piece is “good enough” to go! I will, nevertheless, go ahead and press the button, and this shall be my cultivation for today!

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