As I look out of my balcony, admiring the rain that has just started and breathing in the cool air of the morning, Mother Gaia whispered into my ears…

Channeled: “Come! Stand on my body, dear child. I gifted you the body which is of the Earth, Fire, Air and Water elements. The Heavenly Father blew his cosmic breath into your body, awakening the Spirit in you. You are the coming together of 5 elements, singing the song of the Pentagon of Love. As the Father strengthens the Spirit in you in the days to come, do not forget about me. Stand on me, be close to me, let the sand, lake, sun and wind carress your body, so you may Be Peace and Joy as you equilize the Pentagon of Love.  I am Mother Gaia. Stay close to my body”

Ann’s inputs: Mother Earth has often reminded me the need to consciously ground my body, especially after I’ve performed Light Language energy activations on several clients in a day or for a group. Besides re-balancing the 5 elements in us, grounding will also prevent our energy circuitry from being damaged with the infusion of excessively high energy frequencies and to minimise side-effects such as severe headaches, giddiness or nausea. As Earth’s vibratory rate steps up by the day with the constant bombardment of galactic energy waves into Earth’s atmosphere, it would be wise to ground or anchor these higher dimensional energy frequencies passing through our body as often as we could. From my experience, the best way to ground your body is to stand barefooted on grass or soil with your feet slightly apart and palms facing down. Feel or see with your inner vision any excessive high frequency energy which may not be required by your body at this time, travelling down across your body and being returned to Earth through your palms and feet. Blessings, Ann.

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