Words carry energy and energy affects consciousness. I came across the word “ascension” in different literature and they do not always have the same explanation. I use this term too when I channel certain energies and concepts. Today I am particularly eager to find out if there is a common understanding or definition adopted by the Spiritual Hierarchy when it comes to the  expression “ascension”. I was fortunate to connect with Lord Gautama Buddha, our Planetary Logos on my question. Buddha’s teaching is concise and full of wisdom.

Channeled:   Ascension is the cultivation of the Mind to see the emptiness in all phenomena. Ascension is the purification of the Heart to feel compassion for those who have yet to see the emptiness of the Mind. 

Buddha also showed me an image of two palms coming together in prayer, aligned with the heart chakra. He explained one palm represents Illumination of the Mind and the other Purification of the Heart. The ascension of the human spirit can be achieved only with both Wisdom and Compassion, following which power from Source will be experienced (hence, both palms touching the heart chakra where we connect with Source). I really love Buddha’s definition of ‘ascension’. I hope it resonates with your inner knowing too.

Having taken over the role of Planetary Logos from Sanat Kumara, Lord Buddha now heads the Shamballa. Join us on 8 March 2012 Master Class Teaching – The Flame of Shamballa for more of their teachings. Blessings, Ann.

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