As within, so without.  A while back, I was wanting to change the setting on the web hosting services and I was hacking away at it for days. My service provider had an online chat helpline, and a breakthrough came when one of them (a few gave up on me after a while) asked me to clear the cache and try again; lo and behold, it finally worked! For those who don’t know what cache is, it’s basically a storage mechanism in the computer for memorizing old data or input for easier subsequent recall. So whilst the change I had made was, in fact, perfectly created all along, but because I hadn’t asked the computer to clear out the old data, it was getting in the way of the new.

Using mantras or meditation for clearing our head is indeed so that we enjoy a short but blissful period of problem free mind space, but it is also so that we give the new intents and learning a chance to take root.

Here’s another analogy: it is good to keep putting more hot air into the hot air balloon, but cutting away the 3-ton anvil dangling from the basket is an even better way to gain more altitude!

Keep soaring.

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