The Presence of Lord Maitreya often brings about joy, laughter and clarity of the mind. I like to call upon Maitreya whenever I feel stuck with some earthly or mundane issue.  He always reminds me that if I change the quality of mental energy I infuse into an issue, my perception and accordingly actual experience of it will change too. So is the application of ‘as within, so without’.

Maitreya is aware that many of us Light Workers are becoming more sensitive to energy and consequently, we’re are increasingly being affected by the collective consciousness of our communities. If these global thought patterns we’re tapping into envision a gloomy, dark and depressive state of affairs, which could well be the case for most nations currently, our own mental patterns can become entrained with these lower vibratory energies and cause us to perceive our individual reality as problematic and life draining too. Since what we see in our mind is what we get, this is how we can become really stuck with an issue.

Here’s a mantra gifted by Maitreya for transmuting negative thought forms and patterns that have infected our mind, so we can enjoy a clearer communication and be empowered by our higher mind which dwells in a realm of infinite possibilities and abundance.

“Om Kuya, Tiham Soha” x 9 times.

Application Procedure:

In a meditative state, visualise the problem or issue you’re facing. See yourself in the situation. Chant the mantra for 9 times, seeing and feeling it vibrations infused into the mental picture. You may start to feel your mind relaxing and heart feeling more at peace. Bring up the same mental picture and sense if you’re now less reactive to its low vibrations, meaning feeling more neutral about the situation. If the image now appears as brighter or lighter, this would indicate the negativity that your mind attached to the situation is gradually being transmuted. Repeat the mantra until your mind is no longer bothered by the situation you are thinking about. Complete the meditation by saying ‘And So It is!’.

Over the next few days, pay attention to how the problematic situation has improved or even disappeared all together. Try this simple recipe for a problem-free mind, and if it works, you’ll be on your way to manifesting a problem-free life.

The efficiency of the healing tools gifted to us can be improved along with accelerated energy frequency on Earth. In this regard, your feedback and comments on the healing mantras and energy activations I channeled is much appreciated.  Blessings, Ann.

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