I have been asked by Archangel Metatron to send this invitation to all who may hear His words.

You are Invited

From GMT 12pm to 6pm today or Singapore Time 8pm (25 Feb) to 2am (26 Feb) there will an etheric stairway that opens up to the Lodge of the Archangels, which is basically their residence in the spiritual realm. The aura of 14 Archangels, as named below, will form a rainbow arching over the Lodge. All guests arriving at the Lodge will be welcomed by Archangel Metatron.

The 7 Mighty Archangels and Their Twin Flames





Raphael/Mother Mary



Why the ‘Open House’

The numerological vibration for Earth on 25 Feb 2012 is a ‘5’, meaning a gateway to great transformation and progression. There is a also special alignment of star gates in the higher heavens which enables us to connect with the higher realms much easier.  For these reasons, the Archangels are presenting this gift to all who wish to receive messages, guidance and healings from them.

There is no fixed agenda, they say. You can choose to simply connect with and enjoy the angelic ambience or pose specific questions or requests to our hosts. Next, just  open your heart to receive what will serve your highest good. Ask and It Shall be Given. The Archangels keep assuring their Love for us is unconditional and easily accessible. Even if you don’t see, hear or feel anything being transmitted to you, trust that the necessary energy work and/or information is being downloaded to your etheric and other subtle body, including your subconscious mind.

A Simple Protocol

You can be a guest to this ‘open house’  by following this simple protocol :

  1. In a meditative state, connect with the Archangels’ Lodge through your heart space
  2. Listen, preferrably with headphones, to this Light Language energy activation for heightening your energy state and awareness; and protecting you in your astral travel to the Archangels’ Lodge : Archangels’ Lodge 25Feb12.
  3. Recite this mantra aloud at the end of the energy activation track :

In the Holy Name of God, Yud Hei Vov Hei, I AM one with Archangel Metatron.

And so it is!

You will then be received by AA Metatron at the entrance of the Lodge.

(Yud Hei Vov Hei is the Divine Name of God in Hebrew)

I’m certainly redeeming this free air ticket today and have a wonderful holiday at the Lodge. I’d love to hear your experience if you’re making the trip too. Invite your friends along, won’t you? See you there! Blessings, Ann.

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