Last week my friend played tennis and golf against Roger Federer and Tiger Woods, he beat them both. My friend isn’t particularly famous, because Federer isn’t much of a golfer and Woods isn’t as much a swinger when it comes to the tennis backhand!

When we are saluting those who are at the top of their game, in whichever field, perhaps what we are really admiring is how they have chosen to simply honour their respective gifts…

When I do my leadership coaching work, quite often the participants would take part in a series of personality assessment tools, which are designed to help them understand their thinking patterns, sentiments, natural inclinations and so on. I am intrigued (sometimes amused!), to see how often the participants would lament how much better life would be, had they landed on the other side of the scale! If they had landed in the middle somewhere, they would ask where they ought to be instead!

It is almost by default that we would choose to think “what’s wrong” and “only if I were…”, rather than “now I know where I am and therefore how I can…”. The collective consciousness has infiltrated our psyche so strongly that we are too often prepared to write off our innate geniuses so that we can fit into the mainstream mediocrity.

The grass on the other side is always greener, but think what the other side is saying about yours!