Today, the Ascended Master and Chohan of the First Ray, El Morya, wishes to speak about the qualities and attributes of the First Ray, the Ray of God’s Will.

Channeled: I am of the vibration of blue, the colour corresponding to the throat colour of the etheric body. This energy frequency instills, enhances and perfects an incarnate’s courage, determination, faith by aligning his will to God’s will, so he may lead a movement of change and progression.  

My responsibility lies in the dispensation of the First Ray, within the Office of the 7 Rays, to all who calls upon me for support. In particular, I watch over disciples in embodiment who have been initiated into the First Ray.

The First Ray initiates are being trained as leaders to establish, organise and manage institutions or focused groups for the dissemination and application of the Laws of God’s Kingdoms on the material plane. They are gifted with eloquence, clarity and authority in their words, such are the attributes of the blossomed throat chakra. They carry immense power as leaders do but will be tested for the righteous use of this power as they walk their ascension path. If you are of the First Ray, you are likely to possess a deep desire to build a community that lives out and actualises the truths of God, just as I did in my previous incarnations as Hebrew patriarch Abraham and Arthur, King of the Britons. Align your will to God’s will to lessen the sense of responsibility you may have over your destiny. Know that you have the ability to Will the Power of God to discharge difficulties construed by the ego mind if only you were to call upon the I AM in your higher consciousness. Seek consolence from your heart when you are tested for your determination, strength and faith to continue with your destiny. Within there, you’ll find a reminder from myself, El Morya, that you’re guided and supported to lead a forward movement of evolutionary change as your service to mankind and your soul. I am El Morya, in faithful service of the First Ray.

Ann’s inputs: The Spiritual Hierarchy stressed there is now a greater need than ever for leaders to step forward to be the change we wish to manifest on the Earth i.e. the Unity, Love and Peace consciousness of the 5th dimension. This is the reason the Hierarchy has been transmitting messages and energy activations to help Light Workers restore or enhance their spiritual leadership qualities, including today’s message and Isis’ New Moon Gift – Release Karmic Fear of Spiritual Leadership and Success. Blessings to all leaders of the New Earth, Ann.

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