I regard Ascended Masters of the Second Ray of Love and Wisdom, such as Kuthumi, Dhjwal Khul, Lao Tze and Maitreya as the teachers of all teachers. As a keen student on the path of Enlightenment and Self-mastery, it was a humbling new experience for me to channel the wise teachings of Lord Lanto, Chohan of the Second Ray.

Channeled: I am of the yellow illumination of the crown and green hue of the heart. I speak of the Love of God through expanding and synthesizing the many aspects of the Love consciousness. This is the wisdom that will illuminate the mind in seeing and understanding how Love is deployed as the source, medium and result of the intelligence embedded in all creations, with form or otherwise.

Together with my colleagues of the Second Ray department, I guide our disciples in experiencing Love of the Heart through their teaching of God’s wisdom. These are the initiates on the path of learning and teaching. They are the ones who seek to know and admire God for the infinite intelligence weaved into His wondrous creations and in the pursuit of this wisdom, these initiates come to understand the essence of God, which is Love. As the crown chakra expands with the infusion of the Second Ray, the vibration of yellow, wisdom grows with the illumined Mind and kindles the Love of the Heart of these initiates. Teachings  from them become more than knowledge, for their spoken words are hence full of Love.  If you are fond of questioning the mysteries of creations and science of existence; find joy in sharing  realisations of the Mind; and are moved in your heart by your insights and teaching of the same, you’re one of the disciples of this department. Focus on the yellow flame of illumination seated on your crown chakra to equip the Mind with the increased ability to distill the wisdom from your life events. Bring that wisdom down to the heart chakra to energise the feeling of self love and gratitude. Your teachings can thus be love-bound. I am Lord Lanto, overseeing the dispensation, perfection and actualisation of the yellow ray through thoughts and actions. 

That’s an awesome teaching, isn’t it? Blessings, Ann.

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