I am no artist or painter. In fact my background was in Finance. It was a real test of my faith when I knew I had to channel Paul the Venetian, Chohan of 3rd Ray of Creativity and Beauty to complete a series of articles introducing the Chohans of the 7 Rays.  I played some classical music to help me get in touch with this Master as I focused on the pink flame in my heart chakra.

Channeled: I am Paul the Venetian. Thank you for agreeing to introduce me and my role in the Office of the 7 Rays. I am of the Pink Ray, that of God’s Love, Beauty and Creative Expression. My last incarnation was Paolo Veronese of the 16th century, a well known Italian artist of the Venetian school. Although many of my disciples used to be artist or artistes themselves, this is no longer the case in more recent times. As you remember and be One with Source, your chakras are being expanded and integrated into your higher consciousness, allowing you to tune in and express the different chakra or ray colours more easily. You can choose to be initiated into the 3rd ray even now, at least as your secondary ray. 

I speak of the silent beauty found in all manifestations of Light, animate or not. This beauty, that is breathed not just into artistic creations but all expressions of the Soul in union with Source, is the bridge between thinking and doing. It is the silent song of Be.

You can imagine the chakra colours in your aura as the artist’s palatte.  The artist may use certain colours more than others in creating a painting. That is how you engage your thoughts and emotions in a habitual manner, repeating some more than the others. Consider a painting where all colours are utilised in equal proportion, shade and occupy the same space on the canvass, the totality of these vibrations will produce pure white light. This becomes your God essence, the synthesis of different aspects of divinity, represented by colours, into the ascension octave of white light. 

I uphold the pink flame of God’s Beauty in your Heart Chakra. Real beauty is experienced in Be and Balance. Breathe into this pink flame and let is spread through all your chakras to restore and regenerate Balance in your Be-ingness. This is the manner in which we, the Masters of the 3rd Ray, assist you in returning to be Unity Consciousness. I am Paul the Venetian, I leave you with the gentle scent of a pink rose.

I can now appreciate the saying ‘beauty comes from the heart’ much better. Blessings, Ann.

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