http://theyogurtplace.comAt a bakery stall, I saw a mother buying a nice tub of fruity creamy yoghurt for her daughter, who was probably about three and a half. The daughter asked to hold on to the tub herself as they left the stall; the tub was almost as wide as her face, and was certainly too much for one of her little hands only. So off she went, happily cupping her snack with both hands, then I heard the mother say to her, “Don’t drop it please!”

In the gentlest and most caring way possible, that little girl’s education on fear mentality began…

As many of you would know already, the brain does not process negative connotations; it would only process the “Drop” in the “Don’t drop it please”, or the “fall into” in the “careful you don’t fall into the hole”. It is viscerally more invigorating to be hearing “hold it for me please” or “stay on the path”.

There are a few practical implications I can think of: race cars drivers are trained to focus on where they want to go rather than what they want to avoid, beginners often pay too much attention on the chicane and end up hurling into it; Mother Teresa said, “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”; corporate are fond of saying they have a “no blame culture” and wondered why it never seems to work, consider having a “supportive culture” or a “learning culture” instead!

We always get what we articulate in our psyche, this is Law. When we think we are not getting what we want, we can examine whether we have been articulating in simple, positive notions, or negating the Universe’s efforts by introducing fear-based connotations.

Please don’t just ignore this!

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