I was on a sacred tour to Egypt in November 2008. On the last day of our tour, lying in the sarcophagus of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, I felt I received an initiation from the Egyptian deities including Thoth, Isis, Osirius, Horus and many more. I only just realised that initiation was partly to prepare me to transmit this message from Serapis Bey, Chohan of the 4th Ray of Ascension and Purity. Prior to this, I had not worked with this Master as his messenger.

Channeled: I am known to many of you on the ascension path as Serapis Bey. My retreat is in the etheric octave overshadowing the Temple of Luxor along the Nile. I was the High Priest of Atlantis charged with the honour and duty of keeping the flame of ascension alive in the hearts of those embodied on the Atlantis continent. Just before the fall of Atlantis 12,000 years ago, by order of the Co-creator aspect of God, the Elohim, I moved this flame to Egypt where the Luxor Temple now sits.

The ascension flame is of fiery white, as a coiled energy located at the base of the spine. As one’s ascension flame is ignited through the sacred ritual of initiation, it burns away any ego-based energies of the lower self dwelling in the chakras aligned along the spine. The flame causes your God awareness to rise and be sealed in your third eye. Alchemical changes to the spine and brain centers then follow, propelling the initiates’ towards a greater awareness and connection with the Soul Self. This process of purifying the body and mind of the imprints of the lower self will continue until the initiate attains ascension within and without his body : full integration of the fiery white ascension flame onto the etheric body; and consistent and permanent act of devotional service to his Soul Self and the All That Is overlighting the soul. 

Ask to connect with my ashram, Temple of Ascension in the ethers of Luxor, in your meditation or during your sleep so you may receive and be initiated into the ascension flame. We, the Masters serving on the 4th ray, have waited for eons to present you with this gift. This is the time to be rejoined with the eternal light of your soul. I am Serapis Bey, overlighting your presence from the Temple of Ascension, Luxor.

Ann’s note: The ascension flame is also known as the Goddess Kundalini or serpent energy contained at the base chakra. On behalf of all readers of your message and gift, our humblest gratitude to you, the beloved Chohan of the 4th Ray. Blessings, Ann.

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