This morning, I am particularly excited about channeling Chohan of the 5th Ray of  Truth, Healing and Science for the ‘selfish’ reason that I work as an energy healer myself.

Channeled: I am Hilarion, Lord of the 5th Ray, serving on this ray of emerald green. My last embodiment was as Saint Hilarion, the one who exiled himself to the desert of Cyprus because I was denying the exact purpose of my existence, which was to heal.  The great Lord Jesus guided me with the truth that all gifts from God are to be shared, it is thus the I Am shall be glorified. This is the same truth I wish to share with you. It was by living this truth that I attained ascension in that incarnation. My presence is now being anchored on the Island of Crete in the etheric octave.

As the Chohan of 5th Ray, I sponsor the learning and initiation of scientists, doctors, healers, mathematicians, musicians and all who are seeking out truths through expansion of the third eye chakra. The human brain is gifted with the inituitive and logical faculty, balanced as a whole by the third eye. Your intuitive feel is a manifestation of the Law of Free Will, your logical mind stems from the Law of Divine Order, both laws are decrees dictated by God.

With the greater use of your intuition such as through healing, you’ll experience the myriad aspects of Divinity. Your intuitive sense is the key to extending your intelligence, facilitating the discovery of the unlimited dimensions and depth of your being as a facet of the Creator. However, without the discipline of tested rules and protocols which is Mathematics contained in Science, you cannot re-model and reproduce the results of those intuitive discoveries, thus rendering the teaching, sharing and catalytic multiplication of new intelligence across the sea of the human mind, not quite efficient. Teaching and sharing of your gifts is also the pathway to living and being the Christ consciousness, the Unity of One, that you are. 

Call on me to energise your third eye chakra through the emerald green ray which I dispense. This shall assist you in expanding and balancing the healer and scientist in you. I am Lord Hilarion, I leave you with this invocation mantra coded with my energy signature:

“I invoke the intelligence of my emerald green heart to connect with Lord Hilarion”.

Such awesome scientific teaching on the art of healing! Thank you, Lord Hilarion. I would suggest when using the invocation mantra, you place the right hand on the heart chakra (resonating with green colour) and the left hand on your third eye (resonating with the 5th ray). Blessings, Ann

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