Lady Nada is one of Ascended Masters who regularly supports and guides me in my karmic healing work for clients. Besides being the Chohan of the 6th Ray of devotion and service, Lady Nada also serves on the Karmic Board of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Channeled: The 6th ray has been retracted and completely absorbed into the 7th ray of transformation and transmutation since the year 2000. I, Lady Nada, now wish to speak as a member of the Karmic Board, on the imperative need of karmic rebalancing for the ascension of Earth and yourselves.

Just as Earth is fast releasing the karma infiltrated into her consciousness by the collective karmic deeds of mankind, you too will be required to achieve the same before ascension into the higher planes of Light is possible. The etheric body of Earth and yourselves in embodiment need to the purified and cleansed of all residual karmic imprints in order to sustain the physical body under the new and higher dimensional light matrix. As incarnates of the present time, you have the benefit of the galactic waves penetrating into your mental body at a tremendous speed to quicken the transcendence of the third dimension concepts, so you may move on to grasp, integrate and actualise ideas and ideals of the fifth dimension expressed through the qualities of Love, Peace and Oneness and exemplified through the awakening of your Christ and Buddhic consciousness. 

Please understand ascension is not just a mental shift which of course, shall trigger the same upliftment of the emotional and physical existence. You will also need to attune your light body to the level required to bring forth and hold the fifth dimensional energy frequency until your lower bodies are completed subsumed into the causal body holding your soul seed and ultimately the monadic body housing your individualised I AM spark of light. The Earth’s ascension is dependent on and simultaneously affecting the karmic rebalancing of you individual incarnates, for your evolution inter-relates with Earth’s.

The Temple of Love of ancient Atlantis where I served as priest and guardian, welcomes you back. It has been retreated to the etheric realm overlooking New Bedford, Massachusetts. In your meditation, connect with the Temple of Love to heal your unbalanced karma. I am Lady Nada, I love and honour you all, dear brothers and sisters in embodiment.

Thank you, Lady Nada for the timely reminder. Blessings, Ann.

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