Many a time, I am asked by my spirit guides to carry out certain tasks without really knowing the reason. As their messenger, I normally don’t question the rationale. Almost without fail, I’ll come to understand their intention only after I’ve delivered those missions. I believe this is the Masters’ way of testing and honing my faith in divine order and timing.

Now that I’ve completed channeling the teachings of the Office of the 7 Rays in the last week, the reason for that assignment was finally revealed to me.

Unlike the star energies, the Ascended Masters’ aura, such as the Chohans of the 7 Rays, has the effect of grounding our body and mind. Having being in embodiment previously, their vibrations (transmitted through their teachings) serve as a cushion between us and the star systems which typically vibrate at a much higher frequency. The Chohans had wanted to prepare us for THE thrill ride of 2012 coming our way from March to June. If you have been reading their messages in the past week, your body would have been tuned up slowly for the new wave of galactic transmissions approaching us soon. If you feel unwell or can’t think clearly, I suggest grounding your energy into Earth by taking walks in the nature, be near the sea or even sing in the park!

The ACAST events that are ‘accidentally’ planned from March to June are also ways of helping your body cope with and integrate the rising frequencies of the planet:

8th March – The Flame of Shamballa (Singapore)  – More teachings and energy activations from Ascended Masters (only 12 seats left)

24th March – The Beginning (Inaugural event of ACAST, Singapore) – firing-up the ascension flame at the base of your spine and balancing other elements of your body, as preparation for more intense participation by star nations in Earth’s ascension in the months ahead

April to June – Song of the Stars (Sydney, HK and Singapore) – scaling greater heights of consciousness expansion and light body reconfiguration through soul remembrance and direct energy input from various star systems.

Blessings, Ann.

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