I would imagine Lord Saint Germain is quite well known among Light Workers. As Chohan of the 7th Ray of freedom, alchemy and transmutation, he gifted the World with the Violet Flame as a powerful transformation tool. He is also the hierarch of the current Aquarius Age.

Channeled: I am St. Germain, Lord of the 7th Ray. This is the ray of the violet vibration which is key to transmuting density within and without your body and mind to sustain the opening of your lotus heart and expansion of your Buddhic mind. This is the alchemy or transformation of you as an embodied Spirit that is being talked about.

Before you finally take off to ride the highest of the ascension waves you’ll ever experience in the coming months, I am here to give you the tips on preparing your physical body to cruise along comfortably with your subtle and more refined bodies. The idea is to invigorate your physical vessel! The body cells require raw vitalty to cope with the vast dimensions and depth of energy patterns passing through. I shall dictate just 5 essential areas which I highly recommend you incorporate into your routine soon.

1)  Keep your thoughts positive and attuned to the light within. Thoughts are food to the brain and the brain intricately affects the optimal functioning of your entire physical anatomy.

2) Stay close to the ground to earth any overload of electrical energy and radiation emitted by the star systems of higher planes and transmitted through the galactic center. The Earth’s body is of the magnetic nature, extremely useful for restoring and stabilising your energy field to a neutrality of electical-magnetic composition.

3) Meditate for more hours, rather than sleep more, to recharge and revitalise the body.  Meditation cleanses thoughts and emotions to naturally reduce toxicity of the blood, lymph and other fluids in the body, promoting regeneration and rejuvenation of the cells.

4) Consume raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, beans and nuts of a variety of colours. This not only supplies life force to your different chakras, it is also the most efficient way of recycling the life force energy gifted by Earth.

5) Perform physical exercises in the open space. Expose the body to the vastness of space to align with the expansion of your mind and your light.

I am St. Germain. I leave you with this fine recipe for preparing your body to ascend along with your etheric self. Representing all the Ascended Masters of the Office of the 7 Rays, we embrace the I Am Presence of your true self.

With this vigorous teaching from Lord St Germain, we conclude this 7-part series of mini discourse from the Chohans of the 7 Rays. Tomorrow, our guides will speak about the ascension shifts we can expect in the coming few months. Watch this space! Blessings, Ann. 

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