Here’s the latest ‘e-news’ from the Ashtar Command, since their last message on 20th Feb. As usual, their update is comprehensive and very re-assuring.

“Star nations which are part of the alliance supporting Earth’s ascension have begun beaming their Light fervently onto the planet. Their increasingly strong presence in the Earth’s atmosphere can be noticed by earthlings in resonance with their energy frequency. These troops of light ships and vessels are from star systems as near to Earth, in terms of number of light years, as the Pleiades and as far as where the cosmic being Lenduce is stationed, outside this galactic constellation. The Ashtar Command is the surveillance unit enforcing the integrity of their involvement in Earth’s ongoing ascension. However the Ashtar Command has no direct control or responsibility over your co-creation should you choose to work with energies that are not from the legitimate source. Tune in to your heart center to identify and distinguish the origination of your contacts with the star beings. If fear or any of its sub-expression is aroused in your mind or body as you attempt to identify these sources, we would recommend you apply the power of God within you to demand that these unloving energies be cleared of your aura completely.

The role of the star alliances is akin to a midwife assisting in a birthing process. As the Earth’s magnetics collapse more in the coming months to pave the way for her transition to a higher envelop of Light and intelligence, a new earth will literally be born. The alliance of star nations, together with the spiritual hierarchy, is the midwife giving Earth all the support she deserves. Such guidance and support is available to earthlings too. Those of you fast recalling your star lineage and identity will be drawn more intimately to the Ashtar Command and the alliance troops. This is the time to ask for the following energetic preparatory work to be transmitted to you in the coming 3-4 months, so your body’s energy circuitry may ingest the more advanced pulsating impulses coming through the galactic core:

a) activate your axiational lines, higher chakras and higher strands of your DNA template. This 3-prong work fires up your 5th dimensional body of light

b)  align and integrate your 3rd dimensional body with the 5th dimensional energy matrix; the latter actually encompasses the former. This helps you with staying on earth’s ground safely before Earth’s transition to the next energy band is completely over.

The Ashtar Command shall transmit more messages periodically to assist you through this thrilling flight to a higher state of consciousness. Know that you’re being watched over and you are safe. I am Commander Ashtar”.

More information about the star alliance in support of Earth’s ascension and your affinity with them will be channeled at the Song of the Stars Workshop, along with  energy transmissions for awakening your 5th dimensional body. Check out workshop programme. Blessings, Ann.

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