Back in 2004, I was told by a healer that my spirit guide is Sanat Kumara. As a novice in the world of energy, I had no idea who this great Master is at that time. Anyhow I started carrying his image with me. Then in recent years, I started channeling his messages more regularly.

Channeled: I am Sanat Kumara, the twin flame of Lady Master Venus. You know of Venus as a planet within your solar system yet she also exists as my feminine counterpart. Together we embody  the Venus system, a civilisation whose consciousness is of a wider spectrum and higher octave relative to Earth presently.The essence of our civilisation is Love. You can imagine Venus as a training place, within the Milky Way, which prepares souls for enrollment in the Earth school where lessons of love are learnt through transcending duality.

In your system of understanding number energies, both expressions “Love” and “Venus” carry the numeric vibration of ‘9’. Sighting several ‘9’s in your environments potentially heighten your Love quotient. I am Sanat Kumara, embracing you in my heart space.  

As Within, So Without. Starting from March, as my guides start to prepare me energetically (within) to deliver their teachings at the following events, my upcoming posts (without) are likely to continue to provide snippets of these events. I hope you’re finding these daily mini teachings useful and uplifting. Blessings, Ann.

* The Flame of Shamballa 8 March – Hosted by Sanat Kumar and Lord Gautama Buddha

* The Beginning : A Tribute to New Earth, 24th March – Hosted by Archangel Metatron and the Elohim

* Song of the Stars Workshop, April/May/June – Sponsored by the Elohim

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