After my January’s retreat in New Zealand with Judy Satori (, the Elohim – the creator aspect of God – requested I organise and deliver a Master Teaching Class and a series of Workshops over the next 4 full moons i.e. March till June in 3 countries. Without any question, I went about planning for these events immediately.

As I strolled under the moon lit sky last night, I came to realise the significance of holding those events on the coming full moons and in those countries. Lord Gautama Buddha gave me these insights in a metaphoric and sacred-geometric way:

March Full Moon (8th March) – planting the Seed of Life in the New Divine Man at the base of his spine 

April Full Moon (6th April, Good Friday to Easter) – blossoming of the Flower of Life in his heart 

May Full Moon (5th/6th April, Vesak) – bearing the Fruit of Life in his mind’s eye 

June Full Moon (4th June, Lunar Eclipse) – completing the Tree of Life in his new body

Buddha’s message is consistent with what was recently transmitted by Ascended Master Saint Germain and Ashtar Command regarding the ultimate rising of planetary energy by June 2012, presenting a golden window of opportunity for anchoring pro-ascension changes in our body and mind.

Besides meeting the specific objectives laid out, the teachings and energy activations to be transmitted at the following events are also steps to gradually rebuild the human light body (completing the Tree of Life in his new body) and have it mapped to the Cosmic Tree of Life once again, symbolic of the awakening of God Consciousness in mankind. All culminating in the coming few months. So I realised!

Click on the above links to access full information about these events.

If you resonate with the intent, divine timing and spiritual hosts of the above programmes, I look forward to meeting you in person at the right time (month) and right place (country). Email Andy at for registration.

For friends not joining our events, I’ll recommend participation in some other forms of group energy work on the coming full moons, as advised by the guides.

For Singapore friends : Please note that after this Thursday’s class on The Flame of Shamballa, I will not be holding the regular Full Moon Master Teaching Classes in April, May and June due to my travel/other events. Seats are available for the Shamballa class. Email to register.

Suggested Reference : The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizdek

May you be showered with the full moon abundance and radiance! Blessings, Ann.

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