Certainty carries power and is revered; it implies confidence, leadership and sense of reassurance. I find this somewhat irrational: Certainty implies a honed down focus, and simply pondering on the vastness of the Universe, to claim certainty over anything is surely being arrogantly judgmental and dismissive of potential truths?

Doubt, on the other hand, ordinarily connotes weakness, reticence and naïveté. What a pity! When we look at it at the higher vibrational chord, Doubt is the energetic foundation for open-mindedness, the exploratory mind-set and breakthrough thinking.

Next time you feel doubtful of something, you may choose to see it as an opportunity to be making a contribution on alternative perspectives, or at least the possibility of such.

As the saying goes, “the trouble with this world is that while the Ignorant are cocksure, the Enlightened are somewhat doubtful!”  Undoubtedly true, or truly doubtful?

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