On the full moon of March, we were blessed with the insightful teachings from four great Masters: Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Thoth and Archangel Metatron. Go to Programme for theme of this Master Teaching Class.

Recording of the channeled teachings and energy transmissions is now available as 4 separate MP3 tracks:

1) Sanat Kumara (35 minute):

Teachings – Establishment of Shamballa by 144,000 light beings; Venus as preparatory school; Significance of Three Fold Flame

3 Energy Activations – Coding food with light before consumption; Protection against discordant emotions of surroundings; Expansion of Three Fold Flame across 3 heart chakras of 5th dimensional energy circuitry

2) Gautama Buddha ( 9 minute): Teaching on ascension of heart and mind

3) Thoth (7minute) : Teaching on significance of ascension flame for eternal life in the world of matter; gift of activation of ascension flame in Halls of Amenti (note: this was what Lord Buddha referred to as planting the Seed of Life in the New Divine Man at the base of his spine, read post of 7 Mar 2012). 

4) Archangel Metatron (7 minute) : Teaching on continuous evolution of Shamballa; Shamballa as a living library of knowledge; gift of energy connection with Shamballa

Order Procedure

Price : S$ 15 per set

Please email info@acast.me with subject title Purchase Audio Recording and indicating your name.