This morning, the Elohim, creator-aspect of God, spoke to me about sounds and consciousness. They said all creation started with sounds. In the more evolved civilisations, only sacred sounds are used for communication. However, due to the density of the human consciousness, we do not always honor and respect the sounds and words we speak. In fact, very little of what we now say to each other and to ourselves contains the purity of our essence as God Beings.

The Elohim explained Mankind has forgotten the sacredness of sound as the primordial source of creation and original medium of energy exchange. If we start meditating with the sounds of ancient letters or words, we will open our mind to the profound knowledge embedded in these seemingly simple sounds. Over time, we can train our mind to be mindful of the quality of sounds (or energy) we’re infusing into our consciousness and our listeners’.

For a start, the Elohim suggested we sound the Hebrew letter “Hey” (see diagram above) aloud in a meditative state to connect with our I Am Presence and also as a means of cultivating mindfulness of speech. One of the key meanings of the letter “Hey” is divine breath or divine revelation. “Hey” is found twice in the Hebrew holy name of God known as the Tetragrammaton – Yod Hey Vav Hey. As a sound, “Hey” resembles a mere exhalation, reminding us that attentive focusing upon the breath is a method of spiritual growth.

Instead of greeting each other with ‘Hi’, perhaps we should start using “Hey” with a LIGHT-er tone? Blessings, Ann.

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