Following the Elohim’s message on the potency of words and sounds, Thoth now presents us with a tablet encoded with the hidden knowledge of encapsulating Life in matter.

Channeled: I am Thoth, scribe of the golden eras of Atlantis, Egypt and Greece. The role of a scribe is to convey and transmit the secrets and intelligence of the universe without losing their essence. Such transmissions in their purest form also stimulate the mind to explore and discover the vastness and depth of itself. This is the power of tablets over modern texts.

I leave you with the blessings of the Seed of Life tablet:

Seed of Heaven gifted to the underworld

From one into four bases, four into nine rings of love.

Fire there shall be

Raise the underworld you shall do.

A rapid exchange of positive energy across the internet (therefore across the globe) can bring about an exponential expansion of the human consciousness. As an opportunity to apply this principle, Thoth is encouraging us to decode and share the meaning of the Seed of Life tablet via the ACAST blog. At the end of a series of 4 tablets (corresponding to March – June Full Moon period), Thoth will reveal his interpretations to us.

What an exciting proposal! I look forward to your contributions to our Human Wisdom Bank. Input your views by clicking the Leave a Comment button or typing into the Comments box whichever applicable. Thank you. Blessings, Ann.

PS. On the full moon of March, Thoth also gifted us with an energy activation to fire up the seed of life. Check out my announcement re: order of the audio recording. In my view, listening to this energy activation may help with your decoding the Seed of Life tablet but it is not essential. Both exercises are related but not mutually dependent.

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