The Event Horizon is the boundary that surrounds the Black Holes in space, beyond which everything is sucked inside and never escapes; it is therefore also commonly used to denote “the point of no return”. On one side of the line, there are infinite possibilities, once crossed over, there is only the inevitable. I can imagine that at the final molecular step that separates the two pending realities, the tension must be, ehhh.., astronomical!

We cross over the Event Horizon many times a day, with our chosen thoughts impacting the interconnected consciousness and with our chosen actions stemming from habitual motivation. At Ann’s recent Shamballa Master Class, Gautama Buddha reminded us once again to be mindful of the quality and nature of our thoughts; once it is formed, the impact is inevitable; once an action is manifested, consequences can be expected. Before arriving at the point of no return, there would have been infinite opportunities for alternatives. In the absence of conscious intervention, however, the trajectory is fated. Moreover, in the absence of recognizing the existence of the Event Horizon, we are denying ourselves from benefitting from the infinite possibilities prior to the inevitable; in other words, growth opportunities.

From sabotaging thought patterns to unhelpful physical habits, what if we work on identifying their respective Event Horizon, and be determined to steer a different course before it crosses over? The tension may be astronomical at times, but the outcome will be heavenly!

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