I would believe most people have an unexplainable liking for dolphins. The sight of them naturally brings out the innocence and joy in most of us. Want to know the reason from an energy perspective?
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Channeled: I am Isis. I am from the Sirius star system. The platinum ray is one of extreme high consciousness, effective as a deep cleansing agent. To transmute and neutralise the toxic vibrations which might have infiltrated your energy field, whether caused by the recent solar storms, the emotional releases by mass human consciousness or your personal karmic clearing, you may use the platinum ray for purification. By inhaling this ray through all your chakras, the life force energy entering your crown chakra shall be cleansed of any lower and discordant vibrations before it is transmitted throughout your energy field.  This filtering process assists you in maintaining a higher state of your beingness, as your thought forms and feelings are purified. 

The Platnum Ray is the consciousness of the dolphins which exist among the life forms found on Earth. They are seeded by the Sirius star system. Visualise yourself surrounded by these silvery grey beings as you inhale the sound vibrations of the platinum ray I am transmitting to you. Your mental connection with the dolphins will enhance the integration of this healing energy into your physical and etheric physiology. I am Isis, embracing you with the silent power of the Divine Mother. 

Listen to Platinum Ray Sound 14Mar2012.

I suggest listening in sets of 3 when you feel affected by emotional releases, either of your own or coming from the environments. Symptoms include stomach getting bloated, body buffiness, unusual breakouts on skin and feeling cranky all the time. For effects of solar flares, please read post of 12 March 2012.

The platinum ray is also particularly useful for cleansing the oceans of negative and lowly charged vibrations. As you listen to the recording, you may visualise yourself being with the dolphins in the sea (or actually go to the beach) and project the platinum ray out through your body. Blessings, Ann.

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