There are more glamorous locations than Melbourne Airport hotel, but if you are really needing it, it’s actually a pretty decent place! I had agreed to meet with my colleagues in the lobby at 9am but I was still dashing around, making sure the easily overlooked items such as the toothbrush and slippers were all accounted for, so I wasn’t so inclined to pick the phone when it started ringing. Luckily my curiosity got the better of me, since it was my colleague suggesting we were to meet at 9.15am instead.

Snuggling the toothbrush into the last remaining space in the bag with a sigh of relief, I caught sight of a silver coin on the floor. It’s only a 10 cents coin but the point is, I don’t think I would have spotted that little fortune if I hadn’t slowed down.

It’s a fact that our attention capacity is a limited resource, it’s a zero sum game. From simple logic to sophisticated business models, the intelligent conclusion is surely that we should spend it on what would potentially give us the greatest return.

The only problem is, it’s often counter-intuitive. Intuitively, actions produce results; intuitively, actions are more rewarded; intuitively, thoughts are clouds, actions are rain.

But motions are often confused with actions and running on the ground generates much less intelligence than hovering in the air.

Earlier in the series I wrote a short piece called “Mantra for the Thinkers”, where I was advocating actions; contradiction? Well, let’s do some thinking on that…

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