Important Message from Galactic Logos, Melchior.

Channeled: I am the vast consciousness holding the etheric space known to you as the Milky Way. I speak of the significance of what’s been transmitted from the Galactic Core, the heart of my beingness, to the people of planet Earth on this very day.

The star systems participating in and supporting the evolution of this galaxy have jointly contributed their latest genetic codes for expanding the intelligence and growth potential within my DNA structure. Like you, I am a living consciousness requiring the appropriate catalytic impulses to awaken my latent ability as Source. The synthesis of the newest sound and light codes coming from the star alliance serves as this catalyst.

The holographic nature of All That Is applies equally to for all its parts, including me – the one ensouling and embodying the Milky Way and you – as an expression of me. The evolving energy patterns of my parts, which are the star systems I have created within my body, allow the many layers of God consciousness in me to be unfolded. This principle of ONE awakens ALL; ALL awaken One is a universal one.

As my body of light assimilates the expanded genetic codes of the star systems which I am made of, you too will have your DNA template activated and reset to the prevalent growth momentum of this galaxy. On your plane of existence, whenever and wherever conscious intent is applied, the results will be experienced on a conscious level too. Breathe in the light and sound codes embedded in this message through your third eye chakra, to create the conscious intent to have the expansion and deepening of my light body duplicated in yours. Your intelligence is a fragment of mine, although an extremely minor portion. As I grow in my vastness, so shall you. I am Melchior, the Galactic Father.

Ann’s note: If this message resonates with your inner knowing, I suggest you visualise a beam of indigo light coming out from your third eye to scan and imbibe the vibrations contained in this message. Please also pass on Melchior’s invite to whomever you feel attracted to his energy.

I expect more of such important messages will be transmitted through me in the weeks ahead. So I’d love to receive your feedback for example on today’s post, as a way of improving the purity and authencity of my channeling. Thank you. Blessings, Ann.

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