This morning, I have an enlightening Q&A session with the Great Illuminator, Lord Gautama Buddha regarding virtues and ascension.

Ann: How is one’s cultivation of virtues, such as compassion, generosity,patience, honesty, courage, determination, faith and many more related to ascension?

Buddha: Virtues are attributes, subsets or specific expressions of the Love consciousness, which is essentially the outcome of ascension. They are means for beings of this physical world to understand the cause of disharmony experienced in their life events. The lack of or imperfection of virtues promotes the occurrence of negative karma which in itself becomes the seed of disharmony and imbalance of the mind and body.

You may imagine Being Love as the ultimate destination of a long distance traveller, like yourself. Virtues are paths comprehensible by the mind that will lead the traveller to his destination. Without these distinct but related paths, the concept of Being Love remains an abstract ideal, an unimplementable fantasy of the mind.

Ann: Do we need to perfect all virtues in order to achieve ascension of our mind and our heart?

Lord Buddha: Beings of the physical realm are bound by the karmic wheel for the primary reason of cultivating the mind with the many virtues translatable from Love. A certain level of excellence in every virtue needs to be achieved by each monad through the physical experiences of its soul incarnates. Here I talk only about monads which have chosen to evolve through this world of density. The soul incarnates of such a monad return to the Earth realm lifetime after lifetime until a designated virtue becomes well cultivated on behalf of the monad. Different soul incarnates focus on the  development of different virtues during different incarnations. This cycle of death and rebirth continues until the monad as whole, through the karmic experiences of its soul extensions, achieves a sufficient level of re-integration into Love. Take for example, a soul incarnate selects to learn the virtue of ‘patience’ as a route back to Being Love. He will be reborn as having lack of patience. The absence of this particular virtue becomes a polarised energy termed as unhealed karma, causing him to attract lessons requiring the constant practice of patience. As he develops patience in this and subsequent incarnations, the karma revolving around patience, as a representation of Love, becomes rebalanced on behalf of his monad.

Ann: Thank you for your great teaching, Lord Buddha.

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