From my experience, speaking of tongues works in the same way as speaking the Language of Light. Lady Master  Nada was one of the several teachers whom I worked with in my Atlantis incarnation. Her greatest teaching for me was the mastery of inner strength, faith and devotion to turn hills into mountains (her exact words transmitted to me in Atlantean language).

Channeled: I am Lady Nada, the Chohan of the 6th Ray of devotion and ministerial service. I wish to speak about the gift of speaking in tongues, an ability that will soon be remembered by many of you.

In my incarnation as the head priestess of the Temple of Love of Atlantis, I was taught a technique for connecting to one’s star lineage through the speaking of tongues. The great Master, King Priest of Atlantis (Ann’s note: referring to Thoth or Lord Hermes) first constructed and transmitted this tool. Now speaking to you from the etheric octave of Gobi Desert, I have been requested by Lord Gautama Buddha to dispense this teaching to the descendants of Golden Atlantis.

Visualise myself, Lady Nada as a pink rose seated in your heart chakra. As you breath deeply into your heart center, visualise a stream of golden light emerging from this pink rose and spirals up towards your throat chakra. You may have a sensation of tightness or slight pain in your heart chakra at this stage. The golden spirals form a spinning whirlpool at the throat chakra. Then visualise silvery light spiralling down from the third eye to touch the golden whirlpool at the throat. As the golden and silver elixir blend together, they form a star tetrahedron that rotates clockwise, that is, spinning inwards. You may start to feel tingling around the ears and dryness at the throat as the ear chakras are attuned to the star system resonating with your star origin and the vocal cords adjusted to sound the frequency which the ear chakras are picking up.       If you feel the urge, vocalise the sounds heard in your head and ears.

You are our brothers and sisters from the One Light. We, the guardians of Shamballa, are assisting in your soul remembrance. I am Lady Nada.

Ann’s inputs: Given the denser energy on Earth now compared to ancient Atlantis, I feel this technique will be more effective if practised in a space of high energy such as at a power spot on Earth, under the full moon or during a group meditation. Alternatively, this gift can be activated through the transmission of appropriate sound waves and light packets. Blessings, Ann.

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