We have an insightful and fun session with the Pleiadians, Sirians and Arcturians (PSA) last evening in Singapore. Lord Meitraya closed the session with his golden shower of blessings.

For some divine reason, the recording for the session turned out to be inaudible. I have had similar experiences when working with Star energies in the past. For ACAST friends who are waiting to order the MP3 recording, I apologise for the disappointing news.

There were several attunements and techniques taught by the PSA for energising the Joy frequency in us, one of which was the following mantra gifted by Isis (as a representative from Sirius star system) :


Interpretation: The sound of God ….embraces…. the Joy I am made of.

This mantra serves a tool for vocalising the expression of Joy. It can be used on occasions when you’re needing to refocus on positive and uplifting Joyous feelings. Place your right hand on the throat when reciting the mantra, once per practice.

May you be Joy! Blessings, Ann.