I was curious as to why the messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy seem to have slowed down in these couple of days. As usual, the guides’ response, given through Lord Maitreya, also known as the World Teacher, was full of wisdom and well supported by sound principles.

Principle 1: Practice Makes Perfect

Lord Maitreya counseled that the most critical and possibly most challenging aspect of spiritual cultivation is Practice and Implementation. As with perfecting any discipline of learning, contemplation (mind) and application (body) of the spiritual principles taught by the Spiritual Hierarchy is the only way to trans-form ourselves into the living embodiment of God’s Love, Wisdom and Power (spirit). In short, he’s saying It’s Practice Time!

Principle 2 : Following the Cycle of Evolution Promotes Inner Harmony and Balance

Lord Maitreya also reminded us that going with the flow means abiding the natural cycle of evolution, which comprises the stages of creation, preservation and destruction. The last 7 weeks can be considered as a creative period where, through my daily posting of channeled messages and / or Light Language transmissions, we were infused with a huge amount of new information and energy impulses. We are now entering the phase of preservation where we’ll be guided to spend more time in quiet contemplation and ingestion of the creative energies transmitted so far. He calls this second stage a period of re-calibrating inner balance through reflection (mind) and meditative actions (body).

To Grow is To Experience; To Experience is to Practice

To support us in actualising these two principles, as a start, I have been guided by Lord Maitreya to put together an audio recording of the teachings from the Office of the Seven Rays transmitted through me in Feb 2012. This resource named THE RAINBOW is designed to assist you in:

(1) your revision, reflection and distillation of the teachings from Lords of the 7 Rays  [Mind]

(2)  putting into action the virtues and qualities of the 7 Rays [Body]. For example, on Monday, practise the First Ray: Aligning Personal Will with God’s Will; on Tuesday, practise the Second Ray: Teach With Love, etc.

(3) your continual exploration and integration of the energies of the 7 Rays through sounds [Spirit].  This resource is designed as an audio guide because sound is the primal and most potent source, medium and storage of energy.

To listen to Introduction to The Rainbow Audio Booklet (2.5 min)

To listen to bonus track Maitreya’s Joy (1.5 min)

For detailed product and order information, please click HERE.

DIY Approach

An alternative to using The Rainbow as an implementation guide is for you to re-read the channeled messages archived in my journal, Pearls of Wisdom, as and when you feel guided.

May you find inner harmony and balance during the phase of Preservation. Blessings, Ann.