I decided to use a classic creativity technique to generate an idea for my blog post this evening: pick up a book, decide on a random page, a random line number and a random word on that line, then use that word to generate ideas for the issue.

I picked up a library book, turned to Page 27, counted to line 8, looked at the 5th word in, and it was “of”! Not much use I thought, but then Maitreya reminded us in his recent posting that “non-attachment to any mental concept is the key to you being joy”, so why not have a go at challenging my hitherto mindset that “of” is no use for generating ideas!

More often than we care to notice or admit, we condemn opportunities to oblivion instead of giving potentiality a chance to take root and cultivate. We do so out of habitual mindsets or references from past experiences, meaning we don’t pause and ponder long enough to remember that “today I am a different person to the one yesterday, and right now I have the power to choose left or right!”

So next time you have one of those “here we go again” moments, go pick up a book, turn to page 27, go down to line 8…