From my several years working with energies, I learnt to differentiate guides who are truly from the Light and those who pretend to be, by paying attention to how I feel when I connect with them and how they present themselves.

Loving energies INSPIRE and EMPOWER. These spirit guides: 

  • provide answers to my questions in a loving manner
  • do not coerce, threaten, intrude or in any way, cause me to feel reliant, attach or dependent on them
  • suggest solutions but also encourage me to explore possibilities and options, so I can learn to think on my feet and be accountable for my own decisions
  • respect me as a sovereign being with complete free will
  • even if I made decisions which caused me to deviate from my soul path, they would simply say “you have detoured; hope you’ve learned something new” , instead of “you have failed” or “you had been wrong”

Most importantly, they often remind me I am created in the perfect image of God, so I am already perfect. No matter what I do or not do, I will not be judged. May this reminder empower you too!

As I get busier with other projects in the weeks ahead, I’ll be changing my daily posts to weekly ones. Neverthless, as and when there are important messages and energy transmissions from my guides, I’ll try my best to deliver them soonest possible.

Many blessings, Ann.