I was meditating on the ancient Hebrew name of God YHVH when the Ascended Master Elijah connected with me telephathically for the first time. He said all of us have the ability to seek guidance from our Higher Self – the eternal light in us that transcends this dimension of matter and holds the wisdom of our soul. Since our Higher Self is responsible for defining our mission for each incarnation, when we are unsure of our path, we can always seek the advice from our Higher Self. In this sense, the responses from our Higher Self are the true answers to our questions.

Master Elijah shared that his gift as a Hebrew prophet of the 9th Century BC came about partially because of a clear and complete merger of his personality with his Higher Self. During this time on Earth when we of the Adam Kadmon species are to awaken to our Christ and Buddhic Consciousness which defines the nature of our Higher Self, he gifts us with a sound meditation to bring us closer to our Higher Self, a process he calls the ‘ensoulment of the incarnate’.

Listen to Elijah 29Mar2012 energy activation.

I suggest using this energy activation more frequently during this period of quiet contemplation, consolidation and preservation of energy (read Maitreya’s message of 24 March 2012), so your inner voice could be amplified by your Higher Self. Blessings, Ann.

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