Most of us have heard of “living in the Now”, be present to this moment and recognize that, right now, we have the power and choice to be whom and what we want to be. Quite often, we naturally let our past drive our actions, we call that “habit”, and we allow the future to influence our emotions and we call that “worry”. I simplify and generalize of course, but you get the idea…

So at one end of the scale we have the enlightened, where to him not only is there no past or future, but there is nothing else other than what he is present to; on the other end, we have those whose life is entirely on autopilot, obliviously being driven by the mindsets endowed to them since not long after birth.

Somewhere in the huge array of the in-between are us, who seek to become aware of what we do, how we think, what our values are, how we form our habits; we work to rid those that do not serve us, we spend energy on practising what is outside of our comfort zone, we consciously remind ourselves that we are not the same today as we were yesterday. For certain items, the awareness, realisation and subsequent release come quickly and relatively easily, for other things, we get tripped up again and again, despite time and conscious efforts.

The point is, there are therefore as many “Now time frames” as there are aspects to which we afford our attention! How much of the past and future do you drag in when it comes to money matters, how much do you live in the Now when it comes to health concerns? You might be able to concentrate completely on the tennis game and not think about how you were beaten last time, but it may take you a long time to get over a nasty email someone sent you, etc…!

It seems right to be more mindful of the “Now time frames” of our life, except that if we were truly in the Now, they don’t matter anyway!


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