Have you ever wondered the reason for designing the human as a conduit for energy when there exists other media which are potentially more effective and efficient such as crystals, crop circles, tuning forks, singing bowls and many more? Thoth, the King Priest of Atlantis and Scribe of Ancient Egypt offered us these insights .

Channeled: It is true that there are other transmission media of energy which are a lot more refined than the human body. However,  crystals, hard coded geometries on the surface of the Earth or inventions by mankind such as tuning forks and singing bowls cannot be programmed to link with the Mind of God – the source of all intelligences. Light finds Light and so does Life. Wherever there is Life, there is evolution. This is the reason for Source to have created universes, galaxies, sun systems, stars and planets, all endowed with the identical basic Source Codes but applied in countless different combinations and permutations. It is through these Source Codes that the Minds of these civilisations can be recognised by and be re-united with the Mind of One.

Without the opportunity to explore, express and experiment with Its potential and capabilities, the Source has no means of understanding Itself. Thus, the Source divides Its life force to be infiltrated into all that are created, forming the Minds of the individual civilisations.

The Mind of a human provides the Creator with a great potential for self-understanding since the human specie is among the least evolved in terms of consciousness, among all other life forms birthed. Like a child in his formative years, humans are designed to experience quantum leaps in consciousness along with Earth. As the human specie achieves the programmed expansion in consciousness, it causes the myriad of intelligences which it inter-connects to also grow in leaps and bounds.

This is the critical moment of decision, our beloved warriors of Light. If you remember and commit to your mission to hold Light and Life in your Mind and Body, the program of the third dimensional reality seeded in you as a star human can then be replaced with the new program of higher evolution more easily. This result shall catalyse the transition of mankind to becoming a God-Awakened civilisation once again but of the 5th dimension energy frequency.

I am Thoth, the cosmic messenger. Use your heart to re-read my message to allow the embedded light and sound codes of Golden Atlantis to unlock your soul wisdom and memory.

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